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Minimal with flair: D’Graaff’s Sad Circuit coming up

Having a blog about music is fantastic. You discover so many artists via social media channels, people that point you out to great music and producers and dj’s that simply send you an email with a shit load of music you simply can’t ignore to listen to. Also this time it’s the case with Davi De Graaff aka D’Graaff. A jovial person so excited about music we could not refuse to write an article about him.

Mostly producing minimal techno we discovered he is doing remixes as well. We simply adore his Tim Maia tribute:

We lived in Brazil, Saõ Paulo, to be precise and Tim Maia is like God in salsa heaven Brazil. So Davi tells us that he was born in Brazil and is the son of a Brazilian mother and a Dutch father. He moved to Holland at the age of 19 and started his studies in music. During this period Davi pretty much got to know and became deeply infected by minimal techno music. Later on in this article you’ll find the snippets of his fantastic upcoming EP Sad Circuit.

Coming from Psy Trance, which we can forgive him, and Dark Electro/Synth, Pop/Dark Wave, he started producing and composing his own stuff. He even released a hard copy 3 years ago under one of his side projects named “Lagrima Negra“. To be honest we are more a fan of him being “D’Graaff“. But who are we to judge.

After some years of new experiences and adventures in The Netherlands Davi decided to move back to Brazil where he spent some more years until it was time to head back to Europe again, but this time to the state of the electronic music, Berlin! The desire of moving back to Europe came along with a great wish of finally starting a new musical project focused on a minimalistic philosophy which actually happened 6 months ago.

“It’s been one month since I’ve arrived in Berlin and so far things seem to work out very slowly. Got a few tracks signed and already released”, Davi says. Expect new work around June 25. A new EP called “Sad Circuit” which will be released on the US based imprint Evoked Recordings.

In July there will be a mini album coming out on Le Club Records. Lately Solomun has been playing some of their releases which actually helped them to be on the Beatport charts and gain some popularity. Hope this will help him get his tracks some visibility as well.

Here is the preview of D’Graaff’s upcoming release called Sad Circuit. Nothing to be sad about as this is some top notch minimal techno!

Turn up the volume and play it loud!

At the end of his email there was a P.S.: By the way, it’s me singing on “D’Graaff – O Caminho do Bem (Tim Maia tribute)”.

Right on!!!

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