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Mita Mita - With Sensibility

Mita Mita – With Sensibility. Deep melodic delight.

Formed in 2016 and already having a track record that can count. In the first half year of their existence Mita Mita already released on Parquet Recordings, Bedrock records, Toolroom Records & Exploited. Pretty amazing. The duo, being Alex Millan (Kompakt) and Maxime Laffon (M_nus), have more up their sleeve and new work scheduled on yet again Toolroom and Bimini Records. Talking about rising stars!

The release on Bimini Records is one to look out for. The EP is called ‘With Sensibility’ and contains 2 strong originals with a deep melodic sound. “With Sensibility’ has a nice catchy groove with a great rolling beat and atmospheric deep bass. The track has a groovy rhythm with soft soft synth strokes. Very much approved for late night dancing sessions!

‘About us’ is a bit more uptempo, has more power with it’s flashy synth lines that are smartly used to increase energy levels. It’s a razor sharp and uplifting deep melodic journey!

Nothing much to add for this sublime drop. Tune in and judge yourself!

Miami based Bimini Records stands for quality techno music with some nice drops in the recent past: Wolf Story, 7th Star, Chapter 24’s label boss Sam Pauli, Luca M and more. Make sure to follow them in order to stay in the loop: Soundcloud, Facebook

Here are Mita Mita’s release of the first half of 2016. Pretty amazing.

Mita Mita – From timeless desire [Parquet Recordings]

Mita Mita – Follow The Ways [Toolroom Records]

Mita Mita – Wishing To Receive [Bedrock Records]

Mita Mita – We Love You [Exploited]

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