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Modeplex releases EP on Purified Records

Modeplex Delivers ‘Take Me Away’ EP On Purified Records

Inviting listeners into his deep and hypnotic sonic realm, German producer Modeplex makes an outstanding Purified Records debut with his three-track Take Me Away EP.

Setting the tone with enticing synths and rumbling bass, Modeplex steadily builds tension in the title track before introducing an alluring vocal. Masterfully crafted to control the dancefloor, the long-awaited ID has been tried and tested in shows around the globe over the last few months. Moving into Incarnation, distorted sounds and soaring synths are fused with dramatic percussion, demanding attention with its striking composition.

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Entering a mystical dimension in One More Time, Modeplex demonstrates another side to his production style, offering a vocal-led cut that peaks and dips across a complex instrumental arrangement.

Modeplex has spent the last few years building his reputation as a storytelling artist, taking his audiences on a ride through the modern musical landscape of melodic house and techno. Born and raised in southern Germany, he has been on a steady rise, leaving a lasting impression on the dance music sphere with a legacy of carefully crafted creations. Standing out with his hypnotic rhythms, lush textures and timeless melodies, his sets and productions never fail to take people on a captivating journey through an electric melting pot of electronic beats.

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