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Monolink channels The Blues with new EP ‘Running / White Walls

Still enjoying considerable international acclaim off the back of his second studio album Under Darkening Skies – a record which has been bolstered by a sold-out world tour and an impressive run of remixes and collaborations with the likes of Yotto, Innellea, Sam Shure and Fideles, amongst others – eminent German producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumental live act, Monolink, now returns to Embassy One with his latest original two-part offering, Running / White Walls.

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Having carved out a reputation as one the most in-demand artists in electronic music today, Monolink’s output is continuously developing as he adds new textures and layers to his hallmark; pushing his own creative boundaries each step of the way. 

Introducing the double-sided cut with the undulating opener Running – a production which was released as an exclusive, vinyl-only, bonus track from the 2021 album – Steffen conjures a majestic blend of warped leads, swung triplets and ethereal vocal refrains, all intertwined beneath an intricate web of bluesy guitar licks, warm basslines and luscious instrumentation.

Next up is the delectable closer, White Walls. Embarking on a captivating excursion of four-four rhythms and trippy, melodic sound palettes, White Walls sees Monolink exploit his traditional song-writing credentials, as he delivers a stunning new original that demonstrates the extensive musicality and thought-provoking lyricism of his diverse repertoire.

Both staples in Monolink’s spellbinding live performances over the past couple of years, Steffen’s ability to inject traditional blues influences into the EP, whilst captivating the listener with his forward-thinking electronic sound experiment, is truly remarkable. Across both tracks on the EP, Steffen showcases his unique ability to playfully connect absorbing electronic music with nuanced and versatile vocals, as he pairs adventurous sound design with highly infectious songwriting. 

Speaking about the release, Monolink commented:

“Running / White Walls EP is an excursion back to my first musical inspirations; two songs based on blues licks on the guitar, taken into electronic soundscapes. White Walls was actually one of the first songs I ever wrote on the guitar, which I rediscovered a few years ago and now I’m finally glad to close the circle.”

Monolink – Running / White Walls is out now via Embassy One        

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