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Mumbaata drops a groovy Destrings

Coming straight from Brazil. Sunny Rio de Janeiro to be precise. A fantastic place with long stretched sandy beaches were you can meet the girl from Ipanema, or Copacabana or Arpoador or just see people smiling, and hear music all over the place. So with so much great music being produced in that music loving country comes a duo called Mumbaata.

Mumbaata being, Lennox Hortale and Pedro Paulo Poyart who goes under the alter ego Joint. Lennox being a DJ, music producer and percussionist, with a very strong passion for electronic and Brazilian music. As with Joint, who is a keyboard lover and a sound engineer with a solid musical background. They both are all about worshiping the body and the mind, represented in their music through a balanced percussion and sublime melodies, just like we know the music from Brazil.

They released some great music on the Re:Sound imprint. Two warm tracks filled with tribal sounds and an uplifting beat. Starting the opening track “Destrings” get’s you into the mood instantly. It’ll play your hips and feet with it’s groovy and funky beat with soft synth slides as a topping.

“No Alkaline” is a tribalesque house cut with some groovy beats that surely are a delight when playing loud. The sound effects used in the track fire up the track and will get you in a hypnotic state of mind. I feel the sun on my face already when playing this track.

What are you waiting for. Press play and get your hips exercised!

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