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Music, Friends and Tanzgemeinschaft … in Ireland

Our daily messaging

In 2016 we received a Facebook message in our TGMS inbox from an up and coming DJ/Producer from Cork City, Ireland by the name of DJ AnthonyM. Little did I know that this message would take me around the world and lead to so many wonderful things.

Now, we receive many messages on a daily basis through various forms of communication, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even e-mail. Between producers wanting us to hear their latest tracks or up and coming DJs and record promo pools we are inundated with e-mails, texts, links and PMs on a daily basis and frankly I don’t understand how my partner and TGMS founder, Claudio Capo stays on top of this constant flow of communication. (But he does).

When I have a chance I will respond and Claudio will tell you it’s rarely. I am a touring DJ (Donnerstag) as well as a journalist for Tanzgemeinschaft and in the last 2 years I have been blessed to contribute several articles that capture my experiences around the globe that involve 2 of my favorite things: music & friends.

Now back to our story.

How AnthonyM, the promoter came into the picture

This message to our Facebook inbox was different. AnthonyM had seen that our digital presence was growing in the on-line scene and wanted to know how he could possibly get involved and possibly get a touch of shameless promotion at the same time. Anthony’s message was genuine, humble and kind. He understood that we were all busy at Tanzgemeinschaft and he would be honored if we could just take a quick look at his work so we could possibly spotlight an upcoming mix or production.

Like I said it’s pretty common to receive these requests and they often come from bedroom DJs/producers and we do our best to consider them all and just from the heart filled spirit that AnthonyM contacted us with I was intrigued to know a little more about this Cork City, Ireland native.

It didn’t take me long to be impressed.

I immediately came to find that he had basically the only house music monthly residency in all of Southern Ireland. Not only that, but he was basically, single-handedly, curating the house music culture there and taking leadership roles to help fellow DJs have their sound heard by the hundreds at his Playhouse monthly residency at the AMAZING Edison Cork, located in the heart of Cork City for almost a decade.

AnthonyM, (Anthony Murphy) along with fellow DJ, Danny Lane, started the Playhouse party in 2011. As Playhouse residents, they have played in many top venues around Ireland and have guested with some of the biggest names in the world as well as showcased dozens up and coming DJs.


The last eight years has seen AnthonyM play gigs all around Europe and with the best in the music industry, playing with the likes of Judge Jules, Shapeshifters, ATFC, Lisa Lashes, Anne Savage, Josh Wink, Kerri Chandler, Deep Dish, Utah Saints, & Hed Kandi in places DJs only dream about like The Egg (London), Pacha (London), Sankeys (Manchester), Club Envi (Liverpool), Boat Party on The Thames (London), Cargo (London), Sankeys (Ibiza), Hush (Ibiza), Space (Rooftop Terrace Ibiza), Bora Bora (Ibiza), Mumek (Ibiza), Kanya (Ibiza), Tropicana (Ibiza), Zajeci Klub (Prague), Trojket Klub (Warsaw), Zinc Klub (Warsaw), The Black Room (Warsaw), Roma Nightclub (Warsaw), Blue disco Nightclub (Warsaw) and soon AnthonyM will release dates in the USA as he will be visiting this summer.

The Edison, owner David Riordan and 20-year manager Shane Quigley run Cork. Both are big music fans and love being a big part of the music scene in Southern Ireland. David is a former manager from Marriot Hotels and has worked with acts like U2 and Shane McGowan over the past 3 decades. I also came to find that Edison Cork has won best cocktails in the whole country of Ireland over 13 times. (What a combination! The best drinks in the land and top-notch house music!!).

Over the next few months, we would correspond and develop a nice friendship and learned about each other’s lives through the medium of music. Tanzgemeinschaft made a friend in Ireland, Tanzgemeinschaft gave a spotlight mix to AnthonyM and it rocked!

Headlining Playhouse during St. Patrick’s Day 2017 at Edison, Cork

Knowing I was a touring DJ, Anthony asked me to come headline the famous “Playhouse” party and the highest of all Irish Holy Days, St. Patrick’s Day 2017 at Edison, Cork. My mind was blown. Jaw dropped and I said, “You bet your ass”.

The flight into Dublin, Ireland from Philadelphia is roughly 7 hours. It’s an additional 3 hour + bus trip from Dublin to Cork City after I was to land.

Upon landing safely in Dublin, I pressed play on my iPhone and played my first track on foreign soil, “Dreams” by the Irish natives The Cranberries. I could not hold back tears as I realized that I had now been to my third country on three different continents in less than 3 weeks playing my 5th International gig in such as short time span.

Gratitude poured from my eyes as I gazed into the green, mist-covered hills of Ireland. My life is like a movie.

I arrived in Cork City only hours before the first beat dropped at EDISON. Our opening DJs were talented local fellas that Anthony has helped shine a light on as he gives back to music and people.

Our opening DJs were Lloyd, Kevin Stack, Dario, Greg OC, and the local hero, AnthonyM and finally myself, Donnerstag.

I took the controls of the CDJs and powered the 500+ in attendance through a 2 hour heartfelt, energetic journey that showcased my gratitude for the invite and our ability to come together anywhere in the world through the language of music.

The entire crowd cheered and clapped as I finished with deep tech bootleg of “With or Without You” by U2 from one of the ALL TIME GREATEST ALBUMS EVER RECORDED “The Joshua Tree”.

Edison Cork

As I dropped the last beat and through 20 kisses and got 50 hugs, everyone stayed to personally thank me for their experience. This was a moment that will last a lifetime. I’m now in the process of negotiating with the venue about the details of my newest residency at EDISON and we are looking to be back in Cork every 90 days with additional dates in Dublin and London in June.

I love my new brothers and sisters in Ireland. From the Staff at EDISON, to the owner and manager, to my brother DJs in music, to AnthonyM himself and most of all Tanzgemeinschaft for connecting people through the art of music.

It matters little whether you are an artist or a visitor, the love for music is the unifying factor.

We are a magazine & record label dedicated to quality underground electronic music. We do not look for just any music or anyone, we are looking for music, and people who create memorable experiences, that inspires and invokes emotion. Let’s create timeless music.