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N2Brothers – Sensation EP (LEF019)

N2Brothers - Sensation EP


Born in one of our favorite cities, Barcelona, Techoumin discovers his passion for music at the age of 15. He’s a hands-on person. Being self-taught, hard working & dedicated are his moto.
His companion, Nano, born in the same city, became interested in electronic music at a little younger age, 14. At that tim ehe acquiered hs first turntables and some vinyl. Along the way he got into deep house & tech-house with organic sounds and tribal influences. A few years ago, in 2012, they joined forces and try to innovate with their different styles of playing and music taste.

Recently they released a fantastic EP on the Les Enfants record label.

Sensation EP

The Sensation EP contains 2 tracks. Two fabulously nice tracks. If you like the piano, for sure listen as it’s a wondeful original mix with this instrument.

‘Sensation’ as said is a fantastic piano-laden track. More even, it’s warmth and hazy, laidback groovy track. ‘Bass oh’ continues with the same warmth but without the piano. A deep male vocal voice makes ‘Bass oh’ feel comfortable. Needless to say more. You ought to listen.

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Rating: 4/5
Label: Les Enfents
Release Jun 12, 2014
Format: Digital

Track list:

  1. Sensation (original mix)
  2. Bass oh (original mix)

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