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Jerry van Schie

Namatjira’s ode to Jerry van Schie: Been here before

Good and bad things happen all the time. Losing a fight against cancer at a young age is terrible. Let’s hope science finds a way to cure all that are suffering from this monster.

We got a message from Dutch DJ, producer Joost van der Vleuten, who we met during Amsterdam Dance Event last Octobre. Joost is a great producer who goes under the moniker Namatjira and notified us about a heartwarming action for a good friend of his. Jerry van Schie, co-label owner of Deep Records and Deep Focus, unfortunately lost his fight last summer and passed away, leaving behind his wife and two sons, family and friends. At the end of the year, this is not pleasant moment, as all gather for Christmas or other reunions to celebrate.

Namatjira ode to Jerry van Schie: Been here before

The good thing. Manual Music kicks off 2017 with something truly special. Nearly a decade after it’s initial release on Deep Focus, ‘Been Here Before’ by Guy J gets a remix treatment by Namatjira. These are not just a couple of new remixes, but these were born out of the idea to create an ode to Namatjira’s friend, Jerry van Schie, co-label owner of Deep Records and Deep Focus, and driving force behind the Groovecollection brand.

In the words of Namatjira: “After the funeral of Jerry I was thinking I wanted to do something musical to honor Jerry with. It took me some time to know what I wanted. When I opened the old Deep (Jerry & Peter’s label) catalog there was immediately one track that caught my attention, ‘Been Here Before’ by Guy J. I contacted Peter to see if he was willing to share the parts with me and he agreed immediately with me. I started working on the track and made two versions. I told Guy the story and let him listen to the sketches I had made and together we made a final choice. Then I finished the instrumental and contacted Ben ‘Royal Sapien’ Mautner if he wanted to give the vocal parts his touch to make it work with my instrumental. When we both were satisfied the first big bump I had to take was to talk to Jerry’s brother and hoped he would feel the remix. He defenitly felt it and contacted Jerry’s wife. Later that week I had her on the phone and she told me she cried during the complete song, I had goosebumps all over my body and a lump in my throat.'”

The great thing is that all the returns of the sale of this track will be donated to a good cause, picked by Jerry’s wife. So we encourage all who like this track to spend a little less than 5€’s and support the good cause, whatever cause it will be.

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