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We need cracks

We Need Cracks – Paper Mill (Traum V183)

After only 6 months We needs cracks is back with yet another release. Only in June they surprised us with their Windrose EP.

This newborn called ‘Paper Mill’ contains four originals and three remixes yet to be released via the fantastic Traum Schallplatten label.

After several listening sessions we are overwhelmed. This is something to look forward to when the EP will come out early January 2015.

We need cracks’ ‘Paper Mill EP’ kicks of with ‘Signals’, graceful & lightsome. Feels like a summer breeze that turns that happy smile on your face. This is one of those tracks that can last forever. Frenchy Citizen Kain‘s take on ‘Signals’ is one with dark chunky beats & synth noise. This track is one with an exaggerated swagger. Get those feet moving!

‘Crimson & Azure’ starts with the slinky sound of a baby toy and continues like this after the sweeping bassline kicks in. Great dark tones with soft melodic synth strokes elevate tto what it feels an endless summersault.

‘Con Moto’ digs deep, plunges from the start into melodies. Soft voices take care of a sensual touch to give that fresh feel. London based duo NHB gives a twist with pumpin’ beats. They’ll put it on steroids. Great remix this is. Claws SG on the other hand turns ‘Con Moto’ into a blissfully medolic house version with a bouncy beat.

Fourth and last original on this EP is called ‘Sailplane’. Starts with an ocean breeze and feels very ambient. The longer intro and wondrous melodic droplets give this track a magical feeling.

We can’t wait for this EP to come out. So stay tuned and listen to the preview of the EP:

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