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New releases

When following some of our favorite labels we have noticed that they have some very nice releases coming up. Stay tuned for these EP’s in next few weeks:

SoulfeedSoulfeed – Kind of Yellow EP

  • label: MBF (My Best Friend)
  • catalog#: MBF LTD 12054
  • data: 31/04/20104

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taron-trekkaTaron-Trekka – Purple Magic EP

  • label: Freude am Tanzen
  • catalog#: FAT 066
  • data: 14/04/20104

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noisybNoisy B – Dream Drums EP

  • label: Baboon recordings
  • catalog#: BBN009
  • data: 10/04/20104

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Douglas GreedDouglas Greed – Summerless

  • label: BPitch Control
  • catalog#: BCP287
  • data: 18/04/20104

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vermontVermont – Vermont

  • label: Kompakt
  • catalog#: KOM 293
  • data: 17/03/20104

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nacho-marcoNacho Marco feat. Garen Moreno – Midnight Man

  • label: Classic Music Company
  • catalog#: CMC164D
  • data: 07/04/20104

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hit-lippsHot Lipps inc – Salted Wounds

  • label: Hot Lipps records
  • catalog#: HLR011
  • data: soon

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If you know about more fantastic releases in the near future, do add them in the comments.

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