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Nick Dow – Armour Plated (Traum V175)

Nick Dow – Armour Plated

Another great release from Traum records. This time it’s the second record from Nick Dow on the label. After the Scottish producer’s stunning and unearthly EP ‘The insect parade’ that came out in the beginning of this year, he has written 3 new tracks that form this upcoming EP.

In between Nick has made a fantastic remix for the track ‘Die Rache Der Gummienten’ on Hannes Rasmus’s recent EP ‘Musik Für Fünf Maschinen’. Do listen »

Armour Plated

The first track is called “Armour Plated” and is not what is seems when Nick Dow kicks off with a classic techno sequence which converts itself into another one of Nick Dow’s enigmatic pieces of melodic techno. “Armour Plated” seems to be molded out of one piece. There is an overall movement in this track which is organic, complex and yet still stunningly simple to grasp. These uncountable euphoric moments Nick Dow manages to come up with, make “Armour Plated” an electronic roller coaster of a song.

“Goujian” starts like a silent breed of noise and then pulls you into another dimension with noisy, deconstructive, glitches, cut up sounds. It’s like an eruption of sound, build up like a tidal wave. It’s going to make you go crazy on the dance floor. It’s a heavy rocker.

“Before The Feast” starts starts out groovy and slowly adds melodic layers and sounds. This track feels like a deep emotional piece that reminds us of Max Cooper.

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Rating: 4/5
Label: Traum Schallplatten
Release date: May 5, 2014
Format: Digital

Track list:

  1. Armour Plated
  2. Goujian
  3. Befor the Feast

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