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Nico Stojan – Twisted Manners (URSL024)

Last summer he played at the German Fusion Festival on an abandoned Russian military base. We missed it, but thanks to social channels we got his set on Soundcloud. Tune in and Nico will take on an over 2 hour lasting journey with deep house beats, African vibe injections, melodic underflow but especially a feeling that’s everlasting. Wish we were there.

Now Nico Stojan is here with his debut album called Twisted Manners. Thirteen, as in 13, tracks with an intense organic sound. We plugged in our headphone, sat down and came to the conclusion that this album is a masterpiece. Nico creates an atmosphere you cannot miss to disperse. Spread the word about this sublime work. But especially, first join the deep jazzy & soulful trip yourselves.

All tracks have so much warm details, taken from different cultures. All contain a gentle swaying beat and are textured in flavor and rich in motive. Don’t know if we should call this house music at all. It’s more than that. We invite you all to spare one hour and listen to this magical journey of a thousand nights. We promise you will not regret.

Nico Stojan Nico Stojan Nico Stojan

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