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Nie Myer

Nie Myer & L_cio present their collaboration “On First Base”.

The summary of classical references to contemporary tendencies is a paradoxical matter. After all, when these elements are combined in a balanced and intelligent way, success is almost certain.

The trio’s new EP, “On First Base”, proves Nie Myer’s brilliance. Released by record label dsrptv rec, the album features five tracks that create a sophisticated, bohemian and vibrant atmosphere. All tracks feature a wealth of details and textures through the insertion of classical instruments, which are sewn into a melody subtly marked by electronic music.

The face of popular Brazilian music. 

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Created in 2016, Nie Myer is a band composed of the DJ and producer Anderson Noise and the former member of Skank, Lelo Zanetti and Henrique Portugal, who together add experience, sensibility and creativity to this project. The friendship between the 3 of them goes way back, and at first, never had the idea of creating a project. The meeting between them was to be a one-night stand, only one performance would be held. In fact, the name “Nie Meyer” came from there, in German, this expression means “never again”.

We’re that’s not what happened. Thanks to the sequence of this project, today we are graced by an impressive work that manages to mix jazz, popular Brazilian music and electronic music to create unique compositions.

For this release, L_cio, the renowned producer, makes an appearance by adding even more value in two compositions “Searching For” and “Memory Persistence”. They were the ones chosen to open and close the album, and through the artist’s delicate flutes and the trio’s dense bass lines we are led by this experience, which still proposes that we live dancing, melancholic and intense moments in its length. 

It’s worth the play!

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