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Nordic Distinct 009: Guido Flava

Hey Guido Flava! Where are you from (area/city) and what makes that place special?
Hey! I’m from the Swedish west coast, some miles outside Gothenburg by the sea. When the weather is good, the Swedish west coast is amazing.

The best thing about it is that it is close to the sea and the cliffs. 

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What’s the best and worst thing about living in Gothenburg?
The worst thing is that it’s bad weather eight months per year, but I guess that’s just good studio weather (laughing). On the other hand, living near the sea and also near the city is truly amazing. 

How would you describe your sound and style?  
That’s a tricky question if I ask myself. My music friends around me think I have a very clear and specific sound, so I guess I have but it is hard to notice it by yourself. I’m very intense as a person and very repetitive in the things I like.

I think my personality reflects the sound and structure of my music. 

Tell us about your upcoming release on Trusted Tracks!
Where to start. I been developing my skills and sounds over the years, and now I have come to a point where I finish my music. To be truly honest this is my very first track which I finished, and in some ways that’s pretty sad that I have so much music that’s just haven’t came to this stage by releasing it, the last 10% hasn’t been there! I have a lot to thank my friends at Trusted Tracks for that turning point where we did Deep Blue and released it right away. With the release, it pushed me to step up my game with everything that comes with releasing a track. From start to finish. Now I’m about to finish several tracks that’s been on my computer for too long. And also some new ones.

With the release, it pushed me to step up my game with everything that comes with releasing a track.

About the track: Dalsland is a very clear reflect of my sound and repetitive style as an artist and what you can expect in the future. I made this song in a deep forest in Sweden, placed called Dalsland where I partly grew up on the summers.

The song radiates a euphoric aura that gives you the childish freedom feeling when thinking back on the vacations at your favourite summer place to be as a kid. And the energy that never stops. 

Can you describe your workflow while making music? What’s generally your first move? Drums? Synths? Chords? Or perhaps you start out with the melodies?  
I usually start with an idea that I need to begin with immediately. I add a kick drum and then I just go with the flow and write the song. I don’t really need the best kick or sound to move on, and that’s not so common. Many producers need to have the sound and then write. Then I usually have my ground and main of my song. I write more than I produce which has been a problem for me to get the perfect sound in the final mix. Nowadays I produce more while meantime I write the song, so I don’t need to do as much mixing as I used to do.I guess everyone need to find their own way of creating. I am very restless so I can’t sit for too long. I usually make my songs very fast. Now I’m in a more balanced phase as a producer.

My sound has improved significantly recently now when I’m putting more commitment in the sound. 

What plans do you have for the summer?
This summer I am looking forward to enjoy not being quarantined and playing music loud out at nightclubs.

Tell us about the mix you’ve made for Tanzgemeinchaft Nordic Distinct!
The mixtape is a reflect of the feeling I wanted to create when I made the track Dalsland.

Thank you!

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