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North South Project

North South Project spices it up with a great mix

Our next guests are a duo hailing from Germany. One from the north and one from the south of this fairly large country in Europe. North South Project is formed by Torsten and Petra (Peh). Torsten is in charge of songwriting, production and synths, while Peh goes over lyrics and vocals. A clear distinction between tasks.

Since 2017, when the duo was formed, they have been producing quite some work up until today: Into the Light (2017), Impermanence (2018), Deep Silence (2018). And a new release is due in July.

But now they are here for a fabulous mix and short interview. We hope you like it as much as we do.

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01. Intro – Various Artists & North South Project
02. Las Von – Breach (Original Mix)
03. Mia Mendi & ASAS feat. Jinadu – Dunya (Original Mix)
04. Einmusik – Falcon (Original Mix)
05. Marc dePulse – The Swarm (Stan Kolev remix)
06. Marc dePulse – Kontrollverlust [Loss of Control] (Original Mix)
07. Robert Babicz -Dark Flower (Joris Voorn Magnolia Mix)
08. Nacim Ladj – Vortex (Original Mix)
09. Super Flu – Jo Gurt(Stephan Bodzin Remix)
10. North South Project – Deep Silence (Club Mix)
11. North South Project – Vision (Original Mix)

A few quick-fire-questions for North South Project

hey guys, tell us where you come from and what makes where you live so special for you?
We are currently living in the south of Germany, close to the Swiss border. We have found the perfect conditions here to let our creativity run free and to produce without distractions. But we can also reach Stuttgart or Zurich in no time from here, where a variety of good clubs are represented.

How do you see the electronic music scene evolve in the city?
Zurich, in particular, has become more and more of a hotspot for electronic music in recent years. The city has one of the largest densities of clubs in Europe. The clubs in the areas District 5 (Zurich West) and District 4 are especially popular. The electronic music scene is constantly reinventing itself here and is strongly influenced by the multicultural influences of its artists.

What excites you the most about being a live performing artist / DJ / producer duo?
We have been involved in various projects as musicians independently of each other in the past. The drive to create distinctive tracks brought us together in 2017. We use the analogue technology which we have known since our earliest youth and combine it today with our current DAWs Logic Pro-X or Ableton Live.

On many of our tracks, melodies are played on hardware synths, with an additional individual touch through the striking vocals of Peh. As we are also happy to go out and party, occasional live performances and DJ sets are a welcome change for us.

How do you resolve conflicts?
The tasks are clearly divided between us in our production process, so there is little room for conflict, at least in theory. 🙂

Where does your passion for electronic music come from?
In the 80’s we mostly listened to the BBC and followed the British music scene. At that time, we had already started to experiment with our first analogue synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers. Of course, we were particularly impressed by the pioneers of electronic music in our own country, “Kraftwerk”.

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?
The UK’s electronic and post-punk music scene has had the most influence on us. Particularly artists and bands such as Gary Numan, John Foxx, Human League, New Order, The Cure, Killing Joke, The Smith, Joy Division, Ann Clark, Depeche Mode, etc.

What can we expect from the mix you made us?
We always make sure to create a selection of very melodic tracks regardless of current trends and genres. Aand most of the time we remain in a range between 118 – 124 BPM. We try to tell a story from beginning to end, which slowly increases in tension up to its ending. In addition, apart from the intro, we make sure that you can dance to the music throughout the entire set.

What’s your favourite track to date?
Jan Blomqvist – Maybe Not (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)

Thank you.

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