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Not Usual - Faya

Not Usual drops a highly energetic Faya

Here is some hot stuff to get you through summer! The Berlin based DJ & producer duo Not Usual is once again back on SNOE with a highly energetic release called ‘Faya’. Two superb originals and one remix by Dutchman René Amesz using his dirty cuts to create a distinctive groove.

‘Faya’ is all about rolling beats and bass and exhorting vocals shouting ‘Faya’. One hell of a dance floor detonator. This one is summer proof and will make you sweat. The remix from René Amesz is a chunked up version and adds some power.

‘Pression’ is like a whirlwind with a lot of energy. The track continues with a rolling beat and percussive muscles pulling everyone into it’s vortex.

With all 3 tracks the dance floor is a little more unsafe this summer. Make sure to claim your spot!

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