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NYC’s rising star Barbara reveals her collaborative single with Sasheen, ‘Feel Your Soul’ 

Barbara, NYC’s up and coming DJ, singer, songwriter, and producer is gaining significant traction following the success of her latest album, ‘Palm Dreams’ on her newly launched Good Crazy label. Her releases include collaborations with the likes of Nhii and Lefti, Model Man, Luxe Agoris, Ede, and regular cohort Ed Hoffman on successful singles ‘Hey Gurl Hey’ (Data Transmission) and ‘Feet Money’ (Dirtybird Records). With lots of new music projects incoming, the first in line is her fabulous new collaboration with San Francisco’s Sasheen (Blue Magenta, Octopussi, Variety Music), on their debut joint single, ‘Feel Your Soul’. 

This gorgeous addition to Blue Magenta’s stellar catalogue is powered by a lush bubbling deep house soundtrack, overflowing with Sasheen’s signature emotive melodies and hypnotizing rhythms, as Barbara delivers a seductive vocal performance and heartfelt lyrics.

‘Feel Your Soul’ started its life as a piano sketch that I sent to Barbara who loved it and immediately returned with a cell phone recording demo that I loved. It would be difficult to discover it was our debut track because ‘Feel Your Soul’ came together like bread with butter.” – Sasheen

Sasheen, Barbara ‘Feel Your Soul’ is out now on Blue Magenta.

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