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Oovation feat. Laura Barrick – Devotion EP (UV037)

Oovation aka Peter Bonaventura is a 22 years old EDM producer. He’s inspired by a wide range of music and feelings and his productions are bright and clear, filled with diversity and new ideas. You’ll find out when listening to his new EP Devotion on which yu can hear the beautiful vocals of Laura Barrick.

Oovation’s work is ranging from straight to the floor club music to deep and soulful melodic soundscapes. Sometimes all-in one twisted together. His particular style is surely a result of his life in between the French and German culture.

Devotion is a an EP containing one original and 3 mixes by the hands of Ryan Davis, Talul and Boss Axis. The release is due on June 15, so stay tuned.

The original is a deep melodic track containing spellbinding vocals from Laura Barrick. A rugged pounding bass in combination with dark and heavy yet deep & luscious low-ends synths give this track a real punch. Pure seduction.

Ryan Davis‘ take on the original starts haunting with a sonar sound and sweeping synths followed by the deep bass and reworked vocals. This remix is elevating and hypnotizing.

On Talul‘s take we feel he used a sample of Tanita Tikaram’s Twist In My Sobriety. Or maybe it just feels like that. Great sound it is. We love the deep and dark sound on this remix. The ease it builts with the use of the vocal cuts and light synth chords.

Boss Axis use a different approach. Cutting up the track, also vocal cuts but with deeper and a more heave synth.

If you are into a deeper and darker kind of deep house. This for sure is an EP to look out for. Have a listen to the snippets below and grab your copy in a week. To be released on Univack records.

Oovation Oovation

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