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Pipo Vitch

Pipo Vitch took care of a sweet blend of dub, deep house

The new episode in our guest mix series comes from an artist that lives in the capital of Europe, Brussels. An eclectic city, with lots of nationalities and mixed cultures. Pipo Vitch has been soaking up the city vibes since an early age. Discovering electronic music in the mid 90’s he immediately started playing with decks. As a lot of us started playing at friends parties but evolved ever since and played in several clubs in and around Belgium.

In between, he had to taste the Berlin vibe and moved to the capital of techno for two years. With enough baggage, he moved back to where it all began and started as a promoter with his famous “Letsmoke” parties. Also picking up the skills to produce his own tracks and first success did not stay away too long as he got early support from artists by likes of Samim, Guillaume & The Coutu-Dumonts, Mathias Kaden, Butane or Laurent Garnier.

As versatile as he is, Pipo Vitch kept performing and got him on stage with Ricardo Villalobos, Ryan Crosson, The Wighnomy Brothers, Seth Troxler, Mathias Kaden, Kenny Hawkes and many others.

Berlin seemed to have planted a seed. ‘Berlin calling’ again. So after 3 years in Brussels, he moved back to « dickes B » city. During his 4 years stay he got to refine his production skills and did regular appearances behind the decks in clubs like Club Der Visionaere, Kater Holzig, Watergate and Golden Gate to name a few.

So as it goes with a lot of artists, Pipo Vitch started his own record label, ‘Atomium Records’. Its trademark and innovative concept push the creativity beyond the limits through collaborations between artists. To quote Mike Rutherford « What you lose in compromise, you gain by collaboration!» and it certainly applies to the field of electronic music.

We are glad to have this great artist willing to do a guest mix for us. It’s a nice blend of dub, deep house and jazztronica. Enjoy!

01. No Artist – Haade Tschuss [Atomium] 02. Tolga Pop – Morning Dust [Valioso] 03. Isherwood – oo1 [Lize] 04. Paul St-Hilaire & Rhauder – Skank [Sushitech] 05. Triptil – Khnum [Druzhba] 06. Rayo – Gluzd [AllInBlack] 07. Ruben – Pour [DreamDiary] 08. Niklas Andersson – Stryss [Uwaga] 09. Ikuto – Nisa [Nami] 10. Bluespirit – Rubber Lover [Bluespirit] 11. Mari Kvien Brunvoll – Everywhere you go (Villalobos Celestial Voice Resurrection Mix) [Sei Es Drum] 12. Makcim & Levi – Sandwiches [Lazare Hoche Records] 13. Tolga Pop – Morning Dust (Little Hado Mix) [Valioso] 14. We Are What We Made – The Harp Poem [Move And Understand] 15. Leafar Legov – Your Vibe [Giegling]

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