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Unnknown Data Set

Potatoheadz – Unknown Data Set

A thrill ride

Down Under there must be something in the water. Australia is a continent that seems to pump out an endless stream of utterly legit artists and labels. So when we see a new label we had to sit up and take note. Melbourne-based Potatoheadz bring the heat with their first vinyl only recently hitting the shops and disappearing off the shelves at about the same rate.

Sitting comfortably in that niche that sees a warm almost Housey sound paired with amazing production and a nuanced Techno / Electro aesthetic, their “Unknown Data Set” vinyl is a collaboration between Edo Lang, YS, Sedgwick and Pulsum each providing a cut. The groove is strong in this one with all 4 tracks easily taking the lead spot for us so it was hard to pick a fav.

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A1 – EDO LANG – Jan Juc

A dystopian road warrior theme song from Edo Lang full of hard-hitting drums and synthesiser. Imagine a world in which it’s all collapsed. Life is lawless and ruthless. You are one of the worlds few remaining travellers in a global society that has disintegrated under the exorbitant influx of the Technopolis. You’re in survival mode, high on alertness, but inexplicably at ease. There is wind, there is nothingness, there is the infinity of the unknown ahead of you. There is fear and there is freedom.

A2 – YS – Inside

Digital synthesisers staccato in rhythm, like data spitting out zeros and ones. YS bring you a binge on the flow of a single take. Inside means going deeper. Diving further inward into cerebral and emotional states through the use of machines. Using and communicating with the machine in a human way. A singular experience created in tandem with increased urgency and determination. A flicker of orange and blue oscillating internally.

B1 – SEDGWICK – Digitale Djungle

Sedgwick takes flight into pure imagination in the cockpit of a Roland SH-101. Floating immediately above the Digitale Djungle, hovering in satisfying observation of a reconstructed reality. Mystified by the collision of improbability and technicolour beauty. A digitised divergence of a vibrating vision. An impossibly vivid mirage. The post-human colonisation of virtual precision. Enjoy the flight 🙂

B2 – Pulsum – Distilled Existence

It’s this experience of being at an age when you’re really uncertain of everything and overwhelmed by how much grief and how much horror is happening in this world, overwhelmed by your trauma and your baggage and in many ways you are stunted by this fear or paralysed by it even though you are aware of how much better you have it than the vast majority of others out there. It isolates the idea that we all exist within a framework of fragility and uncertainty. ‘Distilled Existence’ imagines an alternative reality that exists in stark contrast, where everything is gentle and nothing hurts.

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