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Tanzgemeinschaft | 24/04/2018

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Premiere: Lokatt delivers a summer friendly Samoa EP

Claudio Capo

When we think about Sweden we think about woods, islands, expensive liquor, blondes, freedom to roam and friendly people. For the latter we’d like to refer to two creative ladies, Nina en Johanna Piroth, who form the duo Lokatt. They’ve created a wonderful moony lo-fi EP, Samoa.

The release contains 3 tracks that touch the inner self and creates an atmosphere that takes the listener to white sandy beaches, blue skies and lots of love. It’s hard to pinpoint if it’s melancholia or dreams spiritize these levelheaded soundscapes, but we do know that Lokatt made something fabulous with sweet synths, dreamy pads, melodic vibes and an energy to keep you smiling all day long.

Although this duo is based in Sweden, they sure do know how Balearic sounds like. Summer has arrived!

Curious? Then press play.

Connect with Lokatt:
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