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M.E.E.O & Pallida

Premiere: M.E.E.O dropping a swing-fueled EP, ‘On the Threshold’

Here’s a special request from one of our favorite labels. Re:Sound Music trusts us to premiere M.E.E.O’s upcoming release ‘On the Threshold’.

The Swedish-based producer comes with a fantastic new track supported with a sublime remix from Pallida. What we love is the emotional layer that M.E.E.O adds on top of a progressive sound. The simple piano arrangement combined with the lush pads and floating synth riffs turn this track in a swing-fueled dancefloor detonator. All in all is this original a rich and dynamic chunk of head-in-the-clouds that’ll take us through the upcoming summer and beyond.

Pallida, responsible for the remix keeps the progressive touch but is serving up a breezy, gallant version rich in wide-eyed electronics and layered percussion hits. He does a fantastic job with this little more tech-tinged edit whilst retaining the pleasant feel of M.E.E0’s original.

This release is one to put on volume 10. The sweet sensation will get all in your surroundings from their seats. An instant smile-on-your-face EP!

About M.E.E.O

M.E.E.O is a Swedish producer of emotionally intelligent house and techno. Beyond the rigidity and seriousness that sometimes impede the evolution of these styles, his 20 years of experience have equipped him to build each of his arrangements around more sincere, heartfelt concepts.

In spite of an eclectic musical journey spanning the breadth of the globe, M.E.E.O (born Mathias Eriksson) has spent the past decade of his career exploring the more intellectual depths of the electronic music spectrum. It’s proven worth the wait. Just as he likens his creative process in the studio to pulling a loose strand from a ball of yarn, his career as a whole has been an exercise in patience that has yielded a rich and dynamic signature sound in recent years. As a result, he now boasts releases on Drumcode, Riot Recordings, and Re:Sound Music.

As varied as his career has been, only recently has M.E.E.O truly come into his own as a world-class producer. In 2016 he refined his creative process down to a science. After jamming out melodies and drum patterns on analog machines until he identifies the emotional core of each arrangement, he now adds and removes layers through a painstaking process of sound synthesis. What results is a style of tech house whose vibrant musicality is matched only by its crisp, seamless production values.

All too often, house and techno producers resign themselves to a formula – but M.E.E.O’s journey as a producer has given him a more developed sense of musical identity. If his trajectory is any indicator, the best is yet to come. Now that he’s determined the ideal means of communicating such powerful concepts, he will surely be an artist to watch in the years to follow.

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