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Rafael Cerato - Samurai (Ron Flatter Remix)

Premiere: Rafael Cerato – Samurai (Ron Flatter Remix)

Samurai, a punchy and steady bassline backed by a violin superpower

Rafael Cerato, know for his great releases on record labels like there is Diynamic Music, Get Physical and Suara, is about to release something exceptional pretty soon. His new EP, Samurai’ will be out on Anathema Records and contains 2 extraordinary originals backed by two fantastic remixes.

You might be wondering what’s so special about the EP? It’s not unique as it has been done before, mixing classical instruments with electronic music. Even Kölsch is doing it on his latest album 1989. But Rafael’s use of the violin in his tracks is something from another level. A punchy and steady bassline that introduces a violin which builds up, progresses and blends into a strong break ready to take on all dancefloors. Pure mastery.

A punchy and steady bassline that introduces a sweet violin touch which builds up, progress, and blends into a strong break ready to take on all dancefloors. Pure mastery!

One of the remixes is done by My Favorite Robot. It’s a more eased-down version of ‘Samurai’ but nonetheless a great take and different approach. Love this one.

We get to premiere Ron Flatter’s rendition. His take on ‘Samurai’ is quite distorted. Opening with a rolling repetitive bass line, blending in the strings on a later stage. What’s making this version so great, is that Ron adds his own know sound. If you listen enough to Ron Flatter’s music, you can hear is own distinctive sound in this already fabulous work from Rafael Cerato. It’s a wonderful tactile melodic groove.

Enjoy the premiere. Do mind taking the time to read the short Q&A with Ron Flatter.

Digging deeper with Ron Flatter

Hello Ron,

Winter is coming. What do you have planned for these coming dark and colder days?
Yes, winter is coming, unfortunately not the next GOT season. But Netflix will keep me warm and safe.

As a DJ you might be able to tweak your agenda so you can play in warmer places. Or do you leave it all open or do you actually plan for the sun?
The weather outside is not important for me, as long as the sun is shining like a diamond on the dancefloor.

In general, what characterizes your music style?
Let’s call it melodious Tech-Deephouse.

You have done many great remixes. How do you approach things when you get requested to do a remix.
First of all, I have to like the original track and then the rest comes automatically.

You’ll be on Rafael Cerato’s new work Samurai. Your remix has your mark on it. How did you approach this track and how did you set it to your hand?
I really like Rafael’s “Samurai”. His melody inspired me, so I was taking the melody line and tried to find a melodic counterpart. It took me some time to find the right one. After all, I was very happy with the result.

You seemed to have had quite some studio time this year as there are numerous EP’s and remixes out this year: Theatre of Freaks, Seeya, Six Synths to name a few. Where do you find the inspiration? Or is it natural flow?
I cannot say if it comes natural or by, inspiration. Maybe it is a mix of both. In the end, I am happy about all my releases in 2017.

What’s to expect from Ron Flatter in 2018?
Perhaps a new album and of course many new releases.

Any advice on maintaining a successful working relationship in a crazy space like dance music?
Be yourself and honest like in other relationships too.

As an artist, there are skills and personal attributes one can’t do without. Which do you feel are most important.
Fantasy, patience, strength, honesty, passion and determination.

What about your childhood was unique and most contributed to the adult/artist you’ve become?
I was listening to my dad’s vinyls of Mike Oldfield and Jean-Michelle Jarre. It was my introduction to electronic music and it had a great influence to my music.

The last thing that made you laugh out loud?
Miranda Sings

Thank you!

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