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Tanzgemeinschaft | 20/05/2018

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Premiere: Theo Schmitt – Lok up the House

Theo Schmitt

Theo Schmitt stands for experimental techno and house music. His productions are inspired by his experience in the Frankfurter techno scene.

Last year Theo released a phenomenal debut album ‘The Game‘ and not soon after a stunning remix edition. Gaining lots of support from industry finest with that release, Theo now is back on Re:Sound Music with two new well-crafted deep techno tracks. Both tracks are deep & infectious techno grooves.

K├Âlsch played the upcoming track on BBC Radio 1 in the B.Traits show so this must be something good. (avialble until Feb 18)

A mind-altering groove.

Lok up the House

The title track, ‘Lok Up The House’, is a mind-altering groove that consists out of a distended rhythm and conjuring synth chords. The track is a little darker and sweatier with its toxic bassline, deep vocals and intricate twists.

‘Heartless Future’ takes from a slightly other angle and sounds more futuristic with the driving rhythms and airheaded futurist hustle. Call it an energetic pulsating deeper techno cut with enough punch to get a dancefloor moving.

clammy moments guaranteed on dancefloors near you so get your groove on!!

Connect with Theo Schmitt on Soundcloud | Facebook

Release dates: Beatport (February 12th) | General Release (March 12th)

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