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Prisma techno releases Brazilian artists, Vallent's, "Hey Human" Remixes.

Prisma Techno releases Vallent’s “Hey Human” remix pack

On July 26, Prisma Techno, a Brazilian label — founded in 2017 by Thito Fabres — released the first EP of remixes in its history. Based on “Hey Human”, a track originally released at the beginning of 2020 by DJ and producer from Rio de Janeiro, Vallent, in “Evolution III” VA, the EP includes five remixes made by solid names in the Brazilian techno scene (four of the artists who can be found often in the discography of the label).

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“Hey Human Remixes” brings the original, by Vallent with vocals by Sarria, plus five remixes made by solid names of Brazilian techno.

“Hey Human Remixes” opens with the original by Vallent, which was quite successful back then, reaching #33 on the overall Techno (Peak Time) chart on Beatport. With a tone of dystopian urgency, the lyrics, in a nutshell, warn about the destruction caused by humans on Planet Earth; it ended up fitting like a glove two months later when the coronavirus pandemic broke out in Brazil.

The remix by DJ, producer and music production master Andre Salata — who makes his debut on Prisma Techno — perfectly matches the message of the song, as he makes it even more intense, with raw, acid and hi-tech techno. Then, the Binaryh duo prints its ethereal melodic techno, dark atmosphere, bass rolling, epic break and orchestral melodies, filled with deeply emotional ambiences and melodies.

Chappier features similar energy, also bringing a melodic song, but with a more playful tone with a strong groove and emotional melodies, characteristic of his music. deGust’s remix is game-changing, with the strongest and most explosive techno in the pack. Finally, Paulo Foltz — a name known to those who follow Prisma — returns to the label featuring a beautiful version with his introspective, hypnotic and dark techno.

>This way, the result is an EP that goes through different nuances of techno, all highlighting the outstanding and prophetic vocals of Sarria. Find out which one is your favourite!

Article by Lau Ferreira

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