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Purified Records

Purified Records reveals Purified Chronicles 2023

As 2023 approaches its final month, Purified Records reflects on another chapter of its impressive release history with Purified Chronicles 23. Presenting a selection of the year’s finest offerings, the compilation includes creations by label family members Heard Right, Paradoks, Rezident, TH;EN, Volaris and many more.

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Enveloping the entire Purified Records soundscape, Chronicles 23 journeys across the melodic house and techno realms. Featuring softer compositions such as Aalson’s Never Walk Alone, Rezident’s Morning Gate, Rob Hes & 2088’s Your Heart Ft. Jordan Grace and Heard Right & ORACLE’s Shadows, the collection also dives into darker territories with club creations including Alessio Cristiano & Moonwalk’s Butterfly, Paradoks’ rendition of Modera’s Between The Lines, Return of The Jaded’s Kontinuum, Adam Sellouk’s Mirage, Volaris’ Aqua and TH;EN’s Shine.

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The Chronicles 23 artwork portrays a school of fish captured by Daniel Nicholson. Reflecting on the overall health of our oceans, we are reminded that more than half of the world’s oxygen is produced by photosynthetic plankton in the ocean. The oceans also store 90% of excess heat generated by the burning of fossil fuels, acting as a crucial “carbon sink” to moderate the effects of global warming. Due to the results of climate change, scientists estimate that one million species are at risk of extinction, including a third of all marine species. Increased CO2 absorption has made the surface waters of the ocean about 30% more acidic since the Industrial Revolution, and this is occurring at the fastest rate since the age of the dinosaurs. This not only poses a threat to coral reefs and marine biodiversity worldwide, but also to worldwide food security. For the planet to survive – a healthy ocean is essential.

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