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Tanzgemeinschaft | 21/08/2019

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Rafa Ortega – DGT EP. Simply brilliant.

Rafa Ortega - DGT
Claudio Capo

Brilliant: Rafa Ortega – DGT

And so we get to know a creative mind. Rafa Ortega, DJ & producers from Madrid (Spain) is all that. Seems he got started in the breakbeat scene back in the days, opened up his mind and started experimenting. Well done if you ask us. His latest release on the Canadian UNT records run by John Norman is what creativity is all about. We must say John has a great nose for talent.

No banging beats on this DGT EP, but wonderful ambient sounds. The original is nicely layered and structured and creates a super stylistic range with spheric sounds. Lot’s of synths of course, but with hyper looping & resonating effects and on top a gentle percussive groove. Brilliant. Label boss John Norman injects some tech house spirit into the already fantastic original. Just enough to pump it up a bit and keep the spheric sounds of the original. It’s a sweet tech rhythm that adds an extra coating.

Enjoy this fabulous release from this great artist.

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