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RATM gets Hard Techno version by the hands of LuizFribs

If you are a Rock and Metal lover, you certainly recognize the phenomenon that was the first single of the American band Rage Against The Machine. “Killing in the Name” was widely acclaimed in many parts of the world, as the band’s signature song, which through its distinctive guitar riffs and use of a strong language of protest, brought on the agenda a manifesto against racism and U.S. Armed Forces. 

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Well, the song that until today is revered and became an iconic song of Rage Against The Machine, now receives a heavy version by the hands of Brazilian producer LuizFribs. Translating classic Rock into Hard Techno, the producer incorporates his acid and brutal identity into the track’s rework, which has just been released as a free download via Connect channel on Soundcloud — the track even got early support from SPFDJ.

 LuizFribs is known for his skill in handling heavy beats, loaded with industrial elements and densities that transition between Acid and Hard Techno, if you’re a fan of the style, you’ll definitely enjoy this transformation. Turn up the volume:

written by Ágatha Prado

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