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Rave the planet (image by Sebastian Wischmann)

Rave The Planet Parade postponed to 2022

Rave The Planet GmbH is postponing its eponymous parade (successor to the Love Parade by Dr. Motte and perhaps the largest parade for electronic music worldwide) until next year: the parade originally planned for 10 July 2021 cannot be held due to the global corona pandemic in this summer and is now scheduled for 9th July 2022.

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Meanwhile, support for the event is still needed, even though the response has been good so far and a lot of donations have been collected. However, given the generally difficult situation at the moment, there is still neither planning certainty nor a guarantee that a parade can actually be held. A safe, well-planned event like this one definitely needs both, as well as sufficient lead time for planning, organisation, security and much more.

However, the programme of the makers of Rave The Planet, who recently celebrated the first anniversary of the organisation, does not have to be completely abandoned: For example, there is a streaming concept in which live mixes and interviews by international DJ greats such as Andre Crom, Anna Reusch, Ante Perry, Bebetta, Christian Smith, Dapayk Live, Drumcomplex, Drunken Kong, Felix Kröcher, Frankyeffe, Gabriel Ananda, Juliet Fox, Juliet Sikora, Matchy, Mathew Jonson, Saytek Live, Terranova, Tiefschwarz, Westbam and many others are regularly uploaded via the Rave The Planet Social Media channels such as YouTube and Facebook and made freely available.

More about the Fundraving and the Rave The Planet Parade.

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