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Rich & Maroq (Vergissmeinnicht 004)

Sometimes the most unlikely combinations yield captivating results, and Rich & Maroq appear to be a case in point. The methodical, determined Scotsman Richard Elcox and the flamboyant Peruvian Jorge Marroquin have been companions on a musical trip since 2008, as a DJ duo and founders of the Vergissmeinnicht collective.

While Rich & Maroq are appearing for the first time as a producer team, Richard Elcox is certainly no stranger to the production game. In 2012 Richard contributed – under his real name – to the Secret Island Nation Festival Compilation (Darek Recordings) with the track “Archipelago”, a collaboration with Dirty Room, as part of a line-up including Ian Pooley, Demir and others.

The track was well received within the music scene and the media alike, and was even named the “best track” on the compilation by FazeMag. In April this year Richard Elcox released his solo debut – Spooked EP (Vergissmeinnicht) – inviting the listener to become lost in their own cerebral cinema with tightly woven grooves, crisp percussive structures and abstract melodies.

Do read our interview with Richard from last April talking about his release back then.

Now they have released their long-awaited first joint EP. There’s no doubt that the wait has paid off: in the Dreamer EP Rich & Maroq present a stand-out release of exceptional quality and demonstrate that their skills are not limited to memorable DJ sets, they can also produce remarkable results in the studio. Rich & Maroq are following up with their hotly anticipated duo release, and they have their good friend Ron Flatter on board for a remix.

Held together by a captivating drum groove, ‘Timorous’ opens the EP with soft atmospheric and arpeggio sounds before a melancholy synth line draws the listener’s attention with its wistful lament. A wonderfully melancholy song that reveals new details upon every listen.

Dark, swirling synth sounds, quirky sweeps and industrial patterns evoke an ominous atmosphere from the beginning that continues to build on the second track called ‘Avalanche’. A strong synth melody joins the fray during the break, supported perfectly by the bass, adding a melodic component to the piece. A powerful track tailor made for the dark club setting.

The title track ‘Dreamer’ begins with a gentle, dream-like atmosphere. A simple beat is syncopated by filtered, constantly moving atmospherics and pitched vocal samples. Slowly the piece builds until a synth pad introduces the break. A dreamy, almost naively romantic track with many organic elements.

The EP receives its final touch and a fresh perspective from Ron Flatter’s Dreamer remix. From miles away we could have heard Ron’s distinctive sound. He adapted the original harmony, swapped numerous sounds and mixed an entirely new sound palette for the track. Carried by a driving percussive group, this dream reveals itself in countless hidden melodies, whose choral sounds lend the piece a ceremonial character.

Rich & Maroq Rich & Maroq Vergissmeinnicht

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