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Rising star, Ben Sterling, released his Fanatsee EP on Hot Creations

Rising star Ben Sterling chats about Fantasee

Being a self-taught House DJ and producer who is capable of playing across the range of his genre, this comes as no surprise. Rising star Ben Sterling has garnered huge support from Hot Creations label co-founder Jamie Jones.

Moving into 2019, the talented youngster makes his debut on Hot Creations, delivering three punchy, high-octane tracks this February. Later this year he returned to Hot Creations with the Fantasee EP, a stunning three track release that features a remix from house heavyweight Jansons.

His sets are also characterised by a mesmerising uplifting fluidity and are often known for his acid house and raw electronic groove. Ben Sterling is quickly becoming a respected artist in the house music sphere. Named as Danny Howard’s first Future Fire guest of the year on BBC Radio 1 in 2019, the young star is influenced by his family’s 70-80s disco collection, modern electro, plus Chicago house and Detroit techno.

Time for a chat.

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How was your summer? Packed with gigs? Did you have time for some days off?
Every weekend I’ve been playing but since it’s summer it has been weekdays also, so being in the studio on my days off has been very difficult recently haha but it’s fun I do like travelling.

You will be playing in Ibiza as well this season? What’s it all about and where do we need to be?
Yeah had a few shows in some of the best places in Ibiza and my goal was to be in most of the clubs around the island just so I can tick them off. I’ve had some of my greatest parties there so I’m always excited to be there.

Let’s jump to your rolling house cut, released earlier this year on Hot Creations. “Fantasee” seemed to be summer proof with that infectious groove. Tell us all about it. The story behind the title, the process, the idea?
“Fantasee” was created after experiencing DC10 a lot from last season on Ibiza and felt like I should create a house record that represents the legends of acid house into one song. I had great inspiration from Armando, DJ Pierre, Frankie Knuckles etc on doing so.

What’s next release-wise? Do you have a filed schedule?
After a busy summer/spring of touring, I’m getting back into the thick of things with a couple of remixes lined up and a release end of this year.

How do you push your limits release after release? How do you look up to new work, what’s the creative process?
I seem to adapt on different styles but always seem to keep the same template, but that’s a secret haha, also there’s a lot of great music spiralling from a couple of EP’s I did back in the day and very honoured the sound I’m creating is getting people inspired.

Maybe tell us about what first got you started into the world of electronic music?
I think I was always curious on how electronic music was created at such a young age so my mum decided to get me a music software (DAW) on my 11th Birthday as she noticed I was searching it up. So I decided to sell all my games so I can make music haha.

What were the milestones that brought you closer to achieving your dream to become a DJ/producer?
Actually a majority of my milestones have been hit from just a year and it’s crazy looking back on them, but of course, my main focus is to make good music and enjoy the ride.

I self teach myself through learning other styles of the genre and being super technical just so I get lost in music.

The process of learning to make electronic music might reveal to you how little you know. Doesn’t that make you increasingly aware of how much more you need to learn to get anywhere close to where you want to go?
There’s still so much to learn even when doing it for 11 years. I self teach myself through learning other styles of the genre and being super technical just so I get lost in music.

Are there things you still want to accomplish and learn?
I’m always learning with music as creativity never stops in the music industry because once you think you’ve heard it all. You haven’t.

Thank you!

Ben Sterling will play at The Warehouse Project at the brand new 10k cap, Depot on 28th Sept

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