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Ron Flatter – Desert EP (Traum V182)

Ron Flatter

For those who do not know Ron Flatter, we’d like to advise to open Soundcloud, beatport, Youtube, Spotify or any music service and listen. We’d like to say he is one of our favorite virtuoso, always melodic, most of the time delivering tracks with catchy tunes. Ron is an icon in the east of Germany for over 10 years playing all mayor festivals and clubs.

An all time favorite is the phenomenal ‘Mantequilla’, also released on Traum (Traum V164) about a year ago. It’s already a classic and it’s been played by many DJ’s. Sit back and relax:

Another awesome track is the melancholic Jetlands he did with Nick D-lite some 2 years ago. Indestructible:

Somewere during spring Ron released an EP called ‘Stotch’ on his own imprint Pour la vie. As ever, hypermelodic, but this one for sure was one that could not miss the summer. Listen to the title track:

Ron Flatter – Desert EP

Ron has been under the radar at Traum for a little while to write music and eventually came up with a new EP with two super new originals. The EP has been titled ‘Desert’ and contains 5 remixes of the title track. Both originals are very sensual and melodic.

The opening track ‘Desert’ for us evokes sad moments, using vocals of a desperate man asking someone to wait for a little while. This tracks has a fantastic rhytm and a soft beat together with a great use of the piano. It’s pure goosebumbs during the entire time the track plays. There is complexity in the song. It’s pure passion and melodies.

‘Stupid World’ is not what you’d expect after listening to ‘Desert’. ‘Stupid World’ has a stunning simplicity and lightness exercised to the point with a played piano melody and superb timed breaks that will put an instant smile on your face. Pure friskyness.

Cosmic Cowboys ‘Mirage’ remix of ‘Desert’ begins with a monster of a grinding baseline mixed to the max teaming up the sounds of a keychain in the background that seem to rise and fall. It’s a gloomy version of the original that causes a feeling of darkness. We compare it to Orbital’s ‘The Box’.

A well done mesmerizing & trippy remix from Microtrauma for ‘Desert’.

Reinier Zonneveld on the other hand takes care of some enlightenment. A fantastic interpretation of the original take the track to some heights. This is Reinier Zonneveld taking us back in time.

If you are into dub, then this remix is for you. Van Bonn’s version is all about that. The entire track has been stripped and has been rebuilt with flashes of the original. Vocals reverberate trough the entire track with a rhytm and beat that’s pure grooviness.

Indian producer Kohra adds a sensual layer over the original. Using deep melodies making it a perfect opener for the evening or one to end the night with.

What can we say? Two fantastic originals and 5 remixes, something for every taste.

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Track list:

  1. Desert
  2. Stupid World
  3. Desert (Cosmic Cowboys
  4. Desert (Microtrauma Remix)
  5. Desert (Reinier Zonneveld Remix)
  6. Desert (Van Bonn Remix)
  7. Desert (Kohra Remix)

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