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Sable Sheep – Vagabond from hell (DESOLATX025)

Sable Sheep

He’s been releasing tracks on high tempo on several labels like Moon Harbour, Be As One, and Defected Records’ sub-label DFTD. Being fairly underground a little while ago, Sable Sheep has quickly positioned himself at the forefront of the new breed of electronic music producers.

Let’s call him a supplier of of dance-floor orientated underground sounds. With this he’ll be releasing his Vagabond from hell EP on the Desolat X series pretty soon. Just like the Constitution EP which was releases on DFTD, we think this is a killer. All four tracks are bursting with personality.

On this EP, he demonstrated why he is one of the most sought after electronic music producers to emerge in the last few years.

Vagabond from hell

“Fallen Lead Showers”, first track of the EP, comes in without knocking. It’s a self-confident starter. Clean short cuts, well-placed percussions and vocal samples. This Sable Seep as we know him.

“Vagabond From Hell” continues in a similar mood, pure energy from the first tone. Sharp percussion and deep elastic bass, with speckles off trippy sounds.

“Sobriety” is one to keep you on the dance floor. A driving beat and a meandering electronic synth & continious hi-hats.

“Crown”, the last track on the EP ends this release in style. A slow building bouncy beat and industrial bleeps, exhibits a classy twisted house relating to pure beauty.

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Vagabond From Hell Mix for DESOLAT

10 Best: DJ Headphones 2013

Rating: 4/5
Label: Desolat
Release date: Jun 17, 2014
Format: Digital / Vinyl

Track list:

  1. A1. Fallen Lead Showers (Vinyl Only)
  2. A2. Vagabond From Hell
  3. B1. Sobriety
  4. B2. Crown

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