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Brazilian DJ & producer Salvatore Mediana

Salvatore Mediana & TekanismTheory’s Rave in Basement EP

Salvatore Mediana and TekanismTheory are 2 names that are increasingly standing out in Techno Music genre. Focused on making the crowd dance with energetic tracks, the artists got together on a great project: Rave in Basement. The EP, released by Kaligo Records, brings a high voltage of arrangements and elements. The “Rave in Basement” EP explores grooves and intense textures.

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In this new release, the pulsating melodies are marked by intense textures that keeps on going throughout all the 22 minutes of the production. Exploring well-oriented grooves, the duo’s work promotes a sound that looks like it’s made especially for the dancefloor, mostly for bringing euphoria and introspection moments in the harmonies, which reflect the night the most.

About Kaligo Records 

The production behind this EP was made by Kaligo Records, the number one Techno label in Brazil. Founded in 2019, by the artist Vitor Melgaço, also known as Melgazzo, it was created with the goal of promoting the underground electronic music market and gradually began to focus its sound identity on Techno. With a well-defined proposal, the label raised the bar as a reference by releasing works by great national and international artists of the genre.

The works released by Kaligo stand out on the main charts of the genre on Beatport, maintaining several positions in the Top 100, being the Brazilian Techno label that sells the most on the platform.

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