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Sam Shure

Sam Shure delivers MALFUNCTION EP on Stil vor Talent

A malfunction is a failure to operate regularly. However, when it comes to art, regularity is dull.

Thinking out-of-the-box is a virtue, and that’s where Sam Shure enters the picture. His four-track material released by the Berlin-based label Stil Vor Talent is a game-changer. Yes! The conventions of electronic music have vanished. 

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Sam breaks the existing rules and creates a world of his own. The title track Malfunction delivers more music within just a couple of minutes than most electronic artists have produced during their entire careers. His music is under the heavy influence of psychedelia, relying on the tiniest details where every piece of the puzzle counts. 

Sam fuses musical elements of Minimal, Indie Dance, Ethno, and high-tech soundscapes. Permutation takes the game even further. Shure’s imagination uses every tool in the kit, creating a coherent collage of frequencies. 

And you thought the beat slowed down? Come on! Francesca Siano’s vocal interpretation of Sopra Il Mondo is out of this world. 

Sam’s diverse approach also takes plenty of twists and turns on Attenuator, an outstanding closing track. One of those to stick in the collective consciousness for hours after listening. 

All in all, Sam Shure’s release is bound to become a classic, boosting Sam Shure’s successful career even further. Nonetheless, don’t trust any compliments about this material! Take a journey into the sound, yourself!

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