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Sam Skilz

Sam Skilz: all things GaGa & fun facts

Luxembourg DJ, Producer and GaGa Records label owner Sam Skilz is an international name in his own right. His label, GaGa Records, which sees its 100th release this month, has featured artists such as Eddie Amador, Dany Cohiba, Lenny Fontana, David Penn, Coqui Selection, Terri B! and Michelle Weeks, among others, as well as his own productions. We grabbed Mr Skilz for a chat about all things GaGa…

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How did you celebrate the 100th release on your label?
Our 100th release is a Progressive House track from myself called ‘Don’t Stop Pushing’ (2020 Re-Vision), featuring Kameron Ray on vocals. We had a label party in Luxembourg at Palais Club which was great fun!

Sam Skilz feat. Kameron Ray ‘Don’t Stop Pushing’ (2020 Re-Vision) will be released on March 6th 2020 on Gaga Records.

On which of your 100 releases did you spend an exuberant amount of money? Regrets or no regrets?
We spent quite good money on my single with Michelle Weeks ‘Release’. Were in the studio recording in Seattle and producing a great video in Barcelona with awesome duo dancers. The full mix down at my studio in Luxembourg. We did a fantastic showcase tour with the maximum of marketing that we could do. Definitely no regrets. It has been a great journey collaborating with one of my favourite house Diva’s. Much energy and love. The song made a great buzz and has been licenced to Universal Music. We are still very proud of this project!

And which have been your highlights?
We had quite a few with great releases from GaGa family artists, such as Roland Clark, Lenny Fontana, Eddy Amador, Groove Salvation, Dany Cohiba, Michelle weeks and Terri B, to name few.

What is that one song you always sing out loud in the shower? Is it a melody of one of those 100 releases?
Definitely, the track ‘Release’, it has a great hook – “Release yourself and let it go..” 🙂

A 100 releases mean a lot of work, energy and is a milestone achievement, what would you say is the secret to Gaga Records’ success?
I would say quality was always on top of quantity. We could have been releasing the double of this amount, but we are picking each track very carefully. We put a lot of work and energy in each release to make sure that our fanbase and max of people hear about it.

sam skilz and miss mad

You’ve also produced with your girlfriend Miss MAD, how do you find working together, who wears the trousers in the studio and who does what?
Yes, we have been cooking together a lot of music in the studio. We have released only a few of the produced tracks including “Casablanca” and “After Life”. Working together make us able to divide
and conquer, and take advantage of two brains instead of one. It lets you explore different creative routes; one of us might come up with an idea and the other will build on it, or vice versa. I love being with her is the studio and she’s definitely the one who wears the trousers.

What are the unwritten rules of where you work?
No phone, no internet in the studio. Don’t like to be disturbed in the middle of my inspiration moment.

You also run a DJ School in Luxembourg, please tell us a little about that?
At a certain point in my life, through all my 28 years experience of deejaying, I wanted to share all of it and keep it alive. I love this project. It’s open to everyone, for those who want to have a career and also for those who want to discover and have fun learning something new.

DJing is not for everyone, so have you ever had any students that just can’t DJ to save their life? How do you manage their expectations?
I believe everyone can run, but not all at the same speed. We have many good runners, but they are not all “Usain bolt”! Same thing here, I really believe that everyone can learn how to DJ or any other thing, but some take more time and need much more training than others. Honestly, I have seen some crazy few surprises, some who had it very hard and never gave up. They even have been taking extra courses and training a lot until they made it to certification. I see them now playing all over the country “True Story”.

Which technology has changed your life?
Music Studio Technology with all these new DAWs and VSTs has really changed everything. You can do more, better and much faster! Also very good and easy for teaching and learning.

What was your biggest f**k up or most embarrassing moment at a gig?
Hahaha, I was playing during the WMC in Miami, I think it was in 2011, and I was very tired and a bit sick, so I fainted behind the desk. LOL!

If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?
Hahahaha! Maybe driving to fast!?

What’s your biggest triumph you are most proud of?
My son. 🙂

Name one nasty or bad habit of yours?
Smoking Cigars!

Which scent or sound makes you nostalgic?
I love the sound of the sea! It can change my mood in a second.

What is the one thing (object) you cling on to the most that you will never get rid of?
My USB Key, its always in my pocket.

What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?
That we spend in the bathroom is an average of 3 months over a lifetime. 🙂

To whom do you want to say sorry?
To everyone that I have offended and didn’t know about it.

Another 100 releases or early retirement, what’s next for Gaga Records?
GaGa Records is more and more migrating to the sound of Progressive House and Melodic Techno, and we are working on changing and updating the imprint into the new era… 100 more releases to come!

Thank you!

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