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Signal Club opening in Brussels of February 2.

Signal Club opening in Brussels, with headliners Jens Lissat & Zolex

Get ready to experience the electrifying birth of a new club! Brace yourself for February 2nd as Brussels ignites with the grand opening of a venue that promises to redefine nightlife. Picture this: as the city settles into the night, the doors swing open to welcome enthusiasts into a realm of pulsating beats and thrilling rhythms.

And guess what? It gets better! The launch kicks off with an explosive lineup featuring the titans of techno, Jens Lissat and Zolex. Their mastery of the genre ensures an unforgettable night of sonic euphoria.

But wait, there’s more excitement brewing! Before the big night, we caught up with none other than Willem Voet, the mastermind behind the Dark Distorted Techno label and one of the club’s managers. His passion and fervor for the scene will undoubtedly persuade you to be part of this monumental opening. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this thrilling extravaganza in the heart of Europe’s capital!

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Hey Willem, how are things these days?

I must admit that these days have become a bit stressful. But it is like making a script and then try to follow it. For now, it still works like it is planned. Let’s hope it will until the opening.

Exciting times with a new club opening soon in Brussels. Congrats on the birth of your new baby, Signal Club! What can you tell us about the concept?

First of all, I have to say that I am first a label owner and try to manage my labels. When we came in contact with this opportunity, we were already searching for a venue. This club markets off all the points we wanted to have: rather small, with a limited maximum capacity, and to create an audience who likes to experience new music. For us, the playground to test new tracks and new music.

When did the idea of opening a new club start?

We did not want to do parties. The party line ups about 20 DJs all playing for 30 minutes. We do have a large number of producers who are also DJing. Therefore, we concluded to better to start doing something on a regular base, build a fan base, and allow the DJ to play for several hours.

What were the biggest challenges you faced up until today regarding the set up of this project?

On one side there is the club itself. It is in renovation. And probably due to suppliers/vendors, we are limited in the things we wanna show from the first day. But that will be a work in progress. The other side is more of a challenge

How will you position your club amongst other clubs in Brussels? Like C12, Fuse, Zodiak, Mirano, …

We will be the smallest, but must frontiering off all. That doesn’t mean we are strictly experimental, we want people to be celebrating life by dancing all night and enjoying our style of techno music. Our techno will be raw, rather slow for today’s standard, influenced by EBM and acid. We admire the other clubs and the nightlife in Brussels is one big family. We are all brothers and sisters. If you come to Brussels, clublife is large and diverse.

Noticing the playlist you have on the website, it will be mostly techno. Are you aiming for techno fans only or will other genres be on your planning as well?

There are plans, but for our main room, the focus is on our Dark Distorted Signal label and be the solid foundation of Signal, the ballroom.

Who will be playing on the day of opening on Feb 2 in Signal Club?

We have one headliner from Germany. Jens Lissat. Not only a pioneer and techno legend, but he still is on top of his game and going strong as a techno DJ and producer. He is for us an obvious choice because we worked with him in the past. A very nice and gentle guy and with a very good taste in music. Zolex will also be playing. 2 Headliners for a small club, what else do you want?

What will future bookings look like? Are any big names planned or are you aiming for local talent as well?

Well, here we will diversify a bit from the other clubs and venues. We will invite big names -old and new, but we will not (always) announce them. We believe that the club needs to be a place where people need to experience the atmosphere and experience the music. If you want to see your favorite DJ doing his/her repeated DJ set for the x-time, taking your selfie in front of him/her, then Signal is not your club. Maybe one day you drop by and see your favorite number one DJ behind the decks performing at Signal, then you know you gonna experience something special. And you were part of the history at that moment. The club and the music counts. Nothing else matters.

How important is it for you to have perhaps bigger names on the list or have local talents showcasing their skills?

For is the most important thing is the music. But our time is a mix of young talents and legends and everything in between. That is what techno is all about. We want to see skill, we want to feel the emotion. And we will give opportunities to all who fit our musical profile.

What can guests expect from Signal Club? How are you going to put the club on the radar of electronic music lovers?

Signal is techno with a flavour. Not extremely experimental, nor for the masses, but the right balance between. As an audience we hear stuff that is still in production, to get it fine-tuned. But also, because we are a club with a limited capacity, you can dance as soon as you enter the ballroom.

Everybody is free to express themself. Signal is your forbidden fruit. Signal is your place to be.

Can you give us an insight into the planning for the coming period?

We are opening on February the 2nd, Friday at about 23h00. You will always be able to buy tickets for the next Fridays we are open. The club itself will evolve and keep an eye open for events and more.

Anything else to add before your magical day of Feb 2?

Buy your ticket in time. Early Birds are sold out. Regular tickets are available right now.

Tickets are available at .
Location Signal Club: Greepstraat 49, Brussels

Thank you.

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