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Fourth release on Tanzgemeinschaft. Simpatiek's Kuimba The Remixes

Simpatiek’s stunning debut Kuimba gets a makeover with “The Remixes”

Following their top 10 release earlier this year, Simpatiek’s “Kuimba” gets a makeover

Simpatiek is the perfect marriage between driving, melodic, futuristic sound environments and organic instruments that equal a unique, post-modern soundscape. Welcome to electronic, future primitive.

They did not miss their debut on Tanzgemeinschaft with the two afro-house-influenced tracks “Imani/Kuimba” as it entered the Beatport Melodic & Techno charts within the best 100 tracks on the day of the release and climbed that chart to a spot between the 10 best performers. Talking about an amazing debut on our fresh label.

Kuimba – The Remixes

Following their Top 10 appearance on Beatport with the “Imani/Kuimba” EP, we at Tanzgemeinschaft decided to capitalize on the release’s success and make you hungry for the upcoming Simpatiek release “Auwey”, coming over the few months, by offering listeners a “Kuimba” The Remixes EP.

Out for pre-order exclusively on Beatport. Grab your copy »
(release 29/04)

We’ve reached out to Bonzai Progressive’s ‘Following Light’ to handcraft a trippy, melodic remix that captives the listener yet keeps the essence of the original work.

Enter Tanzgemeinschaft A&R ‘donnerstag’. donnerstag brings two very unique offerings to the table. The first is a hard, melodic, spacey, techno remix that promises to take the original into a much darker place.

The second idea we had is completely experimental. donnerstag contacted veteran Jamaican vocalist Fin Music Universal and asked him if he would be interested in doing a feature over the “Original Mix”. With the help of “Produced By 3xpo” at Philadelphia’s beloved Watts Studio, something extraordinary was created. After they laid down the vocals for the “Kuimba” Vocal Remix, donnerstag and Fin had the pleasure of testing their new creation out accompanied by live percussion from the masterful Saantis Davis in front of nearly 1,000 party-goers in Philadelphia’s iconic Voyeur Nightclub.

“Kuimba – The Remixes” EP has so many unique offerings from all over the world and just like Tanzgemeinschaft this release is beautifully not-typical. Grab your copy »


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