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Sinchi Music – Exhale EP

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Everyday something new, everything something special. After receiving a message from Code Elektro a short while ago, with the announcement of his new album filled with cyberpunk music, we got another surprise in our mailbox. This time from Sinchi Collective, letting us know they’ll have a release coming up in less than 2 weeks on the brand new label Night Noise Music. The label acclaims to release open minded music for open minded folks. Music that pushes the barriers and merges unique art with upfront sounds.

This then must create high expectations with Sinchi being a collective of musicians, producers, artists and writers in search for the truth, each through their own medium.

The upcoming EP ‘Exchale’, containing 2 originals and 2 remixes, will be released under their moniker Sinchi Music on September 14. We had the privilege to listen to their upcoming debut. Snippet of the album can be found below.

Sinchi Music takes us back in time with the usage of industrial and analog sounds.

The opening track ‘Aether Drift’ is a maul. A driving repetitive bassline with an alternating rhythm and instruments make it light and groovy and highly suitable for crazy dance moves. The Gemini Brothers unassembled the original, gave the arpeggiated bassline a funky face lift. The entire track gets more groove power. Perfect for those late nights with few people left in the club, this track exhorting all to dance like nobody is watching.

The second original to be found on this EP is called ‘Silicone Sweat’, sounding more industrial than ‘Aether Drift’. It’s a powerful sonic slappage with heavy synth lines and distorted mechanical vocal samples. The grinding metallic synth tones sound like the end of the world is bursting out of the speakers. For all that love the heavy sound of the 80’s.

The remix by FLNV is from another order. Keeping the mechanical vocal samples and adding more texture with a deep slow bassline on top. This one for sure is an entrancing and hypnotizing affair. No time for sleep!

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