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Interview with Sir Winston who wants to take you for a wild ride

Winston Giles aka Sir Winston has had a prolific career – with many acclaimed releases under different monikers, and in September 2023 dropped a new Sir Winston EP ‘Démons à Combattre’. Written in Paris and Recorded in Brooklyn, New York, the EP presents a throwback to the Bloghaus era, with catchy indie dance/electroclash tracks such as ‘Perfectly Numb’ and ‘Sex in Paris’

To accompany the EP he’s also released four killer Tech House remixes, the latest being Fashion Is A Drug (Remix).

This unholy concoction of electroclash and tech house is a savage, mind-bending trip that’ll have you questioning the very fabric of reality. As the relentless basslines and frenetic synths swirl around you, you’ll find yourself immersed in a hedonistic, dystopian soundscape.

With the single out now, we caught up with Sir Winston to get the lowdown!

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Thanks for talking to us today – how has 2023 been for you? 

It’s been an amazing year. I released a lot of music and there were plenty of wild nights DJing. I spent summer in Europe, which was incredible. I’m now back in the studio in New York – working on the first release for 2024.

First of all, we want to get to know you “from the beginning”. How did your history with music begin?

I’ve always been drawn to music – I knew from an early age that I was going to devote my life to it. I live for music – it pumps my blood. I started playing guitar when I was about 12. My first band had my twin brother on drums – we played songs by The Velvet Underground and The Doors – classic rock. I have great memories of those days. From there I kept putting bands together and ended up moving to LA when I was 19 and lived and toured for years in the USA in various hard rock and punk bands.

Around 2000 I was back in Australia and was clubbing a lot and listening to a lot of electronic music. I started releasing music under different monikers and in different genres. Chill out & downtempo, dance & electro. Since 2014 I’ve been New York based and I started Sir Winston a few years ago. It’s been a journey from psychedelic indie electro through to where we are now, which is more tech house with a festival vibe.

For people new to your music, would you say your new single Fashion Is a Drug is representative of your sound? Or is that over simplifying things a little? 

The Fashion is a Drug remix is a sign of things to come. I released an EP this year called Démons à Combattre – which was a throwback to the bloghaus era, and I released remixes to four of those tracks. Moving forward I’m now really focused on DJing and producing more tech house.

I’ve always been drawn to music that pushes boundaries”

You have a very clear sense of style – do you think your image is as important a part of the whole package as your music? 

The music must be amazing but I do think image is very important. I love fashion. I like to express myself with what I wear, and I love the creativity behind it. During the pandemic I upped my merch game and expanded Sir Winston as a sustainable brand. I’m passionate about sustainability and designing the collections was both fun and challenging. So there is a strong link with my music and my style.  I love performances that are highly entertaining. I created Sir Winston as a character and developing that character included a style that would be at the forefront. I wanted a simple but distinguished and recognizable look for Sir Winston. Wearing the black suit and Winston cap is now my DJ uniform and I love how I feel when I’m in it.

How do you balance the distinctive elements of tech house and electroclash in your music production, and what challenges do you face in blending these genres?

I’ve always been drawn to music that pushes boundaries – which can mean blending and crossing genres. The Sir Winston releases thus far have been produced on impulse. But now that DJing is my big focus I seem to be finding a lane to stay in more easily. I’m listening to a lot of tech house but I do have a true love of electroclash, so that influence will always be there. There are some iconic moments of electroclash that I keep as references and going back to that golden era is full of wild memories that I love to reach for. 

I met Bob Dylan when I was young and he told me to ‘enjoy the ride'”

What can you tell us about the production of the music video for Fashion is a Drug?

The video features my friend Meg Superstar Princess. She’s a young iconic star of the New York fashion and underground party scene. She has amazing style and is a true personality. I knew she would understand the tongue-in-cheek narrative of Fashion is a Drug. I wanted to capture Meg in some of her favorite looks whilst going wild to the track.

In the evolving landscape of electronic music, how do you maintain your unique sound while also adapting to new trends and technologies?

I listen to new music every day. A lot of it. I’m putting a lot of work into pre-production and have the concept and story of a track well defined. I’m hitting the studio well prepared with a clear vision. I’m fortunate to be working with an amazing engineer and producer Abe Seiferth. I’m not much of a gear head but Abe certainly is. Transmitter studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York where we work is an amazing set up. 

DJing has become an increasingly important part of your artistry – what about it appeals so much?

I feel like I’m on a real mission and a true journey when I DJ. I love bringing people together. I love creating wild and memorable moments, and being at the centre of that moment is very special.
What is the best advice you ever received as an artist?

I met Bob Dylan when I was young and he told me to “enjoy the ride”. I’ve always carried that with me.

Anything else you’d like to tell us…?

Play it loud!

Thank you.

Fashion is a Drug (Remix) is out now on PLAYUP Music

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