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Smile, you’re alive ! Bibio – You (WARP235)

(Picture taken from The Diggest)

Do you know those moments where you catch yourself just pausing in that moment and think how sweet life can be? I went running a couple of days ago and when my Spotify started playing this track, I felt this sweet and sour smile appearing on my face. I looked around; I looked at this old couple walking hand in hand, the indoor market exposing fresh fruits, the beautiful building facades of my district enlighten by the sun, kids playing with a ball…and I thought “This is it. It is all and everything that exists and matters now. No suffering from the past, no fear of the future; just this moment, right now. Full of love”.

“You” is a great track from Stephen Wilkinson’s, seventh studio album Silver Wilkinson, released by Warp Records.

Better known as Bibio, this English electronic musician focuses this time more on guitar and atmosphere while also incorporating some elements of his 2011’s album, Mind Bokeh.

May you enjoy this sound I’m sharing with you, not because it is new (2013) but because it has been one of the greatest soul energising sounds I’ve listened too lately…

The album Silver Wilkinson (2013)

The name, “Silver Wilkinson” comes from the name of a salmon fishing fly, which the artist’s girlfriend showed him. It was originally supposed to be a the title for a track, but he decided to use it for the album’s name.

Also listen to his cool album from 2011 called Mind Bokeh:

For more of his music, follow Bibio on Soundcloud.

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