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Armenian artist, Socko

Socko returns to The Gardens of Babylon with ‘I Need’ ft. D’Litte

Dropping his first official release in 2019, Socko already stands as one of the most exciting artists to emerge out of Armenia’s burgeoning electronic music scene. Wholly authentic in his approach to production, the rising talent has enjoyed quick elevation to global stardom over the past few years through a series of impactful releases and impressive live shows.

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Returning to world-renowned record label The Gardens Of Babylon for the first time since his 2022-released ‘Chemistry’ EP, Socko now unveils the first single ‘I Need’ ahead of his full ‘Blast’ EP in September. Out now across all streaming platforms, the single welcomes esteemed Armenian vocalist D’Litte and is offered up alongside a poignant music video.

Socko – ‘I Need’ ft. D’Litte is out now via The Gardens Of Babylon:

Heavily influenced by the musical leanings of his Armenian heritage, Socko has fostered a unique sound of his own that blends these world-music sentiments with the contemporary sensibilities of electronic music and its infinite digital affections. As a result, Socko’s output is coloured with emotive allure and the opening track to his forthcoming ‘Blast’ EP is no exception. ‘I Need’ is a beautifully refined cut that ebbs and flows between organic instrumentation and heady synthwork, creating an ethereal soundscape of elements that oozes cinematic charm. Built with ‘the journey’ in mind, Socko’s latest offering showcases constant evolution within its components, weaving effortlessly between D’Litte’s authentically soulful vocals and pulling the listener into their celestial realm.

The official music video serves as an emotional extension of Socko’s anthemic new composition. Thought-provoking in its effect, the clip gives us a stunning visual representation of D’Litte’s expressive lyricism, following a woman’s need for solitude and space.

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