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Future Romance label owner, Solee

Solee talks about labels and the new single “Krake”

Big emotions and musical depth paired with pure danceability are the main components in
Solee ‘s music. His strongly recognizable and storytelling productions are no secret
anymore, gained several millions of streams over various music platforms and received
heavy support from a wide range of international DJs and music lovers around the globe.

With 7 artist albums under his belt, Solee pioneered his own distinctive sound and
played as a DJ and live act at many of the best underground clubs and festivals around
the world.

Driven by his inexhaustible love for electronic music, Solee started his record label „Future
Romance“ in 2021 to open a new chapter after running the mighty „Parquet Recordings“
label for 15 years.

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Hey Solee, welcome to Tanzgemeinschaft! How has 2023 treated you so far?

Hello guys and thank you for inviting me for this interview. This year I learned new things, had nice encounters, nice gigs. On top, I didn’t run out of musical ideas, and had time to focus on myself. And importantly, … I also had time for my family and friends. So, I can’t really complain about the year 2023.

Let’s start at the beginning of your career. When and where was your first performance? And how was it back then looking at it now?

That was quite a while ago. My first gig as Solee must have taken place around 2009. Actually, it wasn’t my plan to start out as a DJ, producing music was my thing. But when the first booking requests came in with the success of the first Solee singles, I thought more and more about the DJ thing. A few years before I started the Solee project, I bought a lot of music and also had a mixer, record player and CD player at home. I was basically a bedroom DJ for some time until I discovered producing. So DJing wasn’t completely foreign to me and I already had some experience.

Nevertheless, I can remember that I was super nervous for the first few gigs and thought for a long time whether it was even something for me. Being in the spotlight was quite difficult for me. It took a few years before I started to really enjoy it and forgot the nerves. Today I really enjoy DJing, more than ever!

How would you describe the development of your sound over the years?

I actually think that I’ve stayed relatively true to my sound since the beginning. Of course, a bit has changed over the years, that’s due to the technology and also the influences. Solee has always stood for deep and melodic sounds within the electronic spectrum. Sometimes a little more minimal, sometimes a little more progressive, sometimes a little more housey, sometimes a little more technoid. That’s simply because I love melodies and deep atmospheric electronic music that takes you on a journey and tells a story, in the best case. But it should also remain somewhat varied, for my listeners and also for myself. I’ve been trying to convey that in my music since 2006.

The most beautiful thing I’ve learned is that it really makes me happy to spend my time working with music and with like-minded people.

Can you tell us a bit about your new single “Krake”?

I finished “Krake” this summer and played it again and again during my gigs. The track passed all dancefloor tests for me and I’m happy that it’s finally available everywhere. By the way, I was inspired by the Netflix documentary “My Octopus Teacher” for this track. After watching this documentary and becoming a big fan of these impressive and intelligent creatures I wanted to dedicate a track to them. 😉

The track is out via your 2021-launched record label Future Romance. What was the main decision behind starting this new imprint and what are its future plans?

I felt it was time to start something new. My productions have somehow evolved and changed over the years, so I wanted to give them a new fresh home too. In my opinion, we live in a new time (not only musical). A lot has changed since the launch of Parquet Recordings in 2006, the artists/DJs, the music industry, the methods of promoting music, the clubbers, the listener’s behavior – so a new platform was needed for my music. But not just for my music but also for great music from other talented artists who fit into the label‘s deep & melodic sound.

Prior to this, you ran Parquet Recordings for 15 years. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from heading up such an influential label?

The most beautiful thing I’ve learned is that it really makes me happy to spend my time working with music and with like-minded people. Discovering new music and helping other artists, within the capabilities of a small independent label, is very satisfying.

The saddest thing I learned is that it’s usually not only about the music when it comes to how successful an artist or label becomes. Mostly it’s about marketing and presentation and contacts. Especially, since social media came into the game, it became increasingly less important how good the music was or how genuine/real the artist was. It seems like in most cases artists’ acting and entertainment skills are more important to selling music than the actual music.

It seems like in most cases artists’ acting and entertainment skills are more important to selling music than the actual music.

What do you look for when you’re listening to demos?

The most important thing for me is still the music. I have to like what I hear, it has to touch me somehow and fit the label sound and my DJ sets. Of course, a certain sound quality is also required. However, since founding Future Romance, I have tried to make sure that the label features real artists mainly. Artists who write & produce their own music, in their own studios with their own ideas.

I don´t think it‘s a super-bad thing that there are many DJs out there who get ghost-produced. This has been a working business model for a long time and somehow almost everything has its right to exist. But those are not the people I want to support on Future Romance. I only want to use my energy for people who, like me, make their own music and are passionate about it. Not for business people.

How do you decide which of your tracks to reserve for your own labels and which to sign elsewhere?

It doesn’t actually depend on the track. This depends on the situation. Basically, I usually release my music on my own label because I like to keep control. Unless other labels show interest and I like what they do and I feel good about it. Then I like to pass on a track, whichever they like, to another label. But I’ve never been the one who sends my tracks to all sorts of labels and basically collects labels. I try to select very carefully, if at all.

How does the rest of Solee’s 2023 look like?

I’ll probably spend some time in the studio, and work on new music. Of course, there is always plenty to do with the label stuff. At the beginning of December, I’ll be playing an extended DJ set at Ritter Butzke club, my Berlin residency, which I always really look forward to. Who knows what else will come, otherwise I’ll end the year comfortably and make plans for 2024. 😉

If you could share one piece of knowledge with those who are just starting out in their careers, what would it be?

Take your time, and learn your art properly before you show it. Don’t compare yourself too much to others, and never give up believing in yourself.

Thank you.

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