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Soulfeed - Souflful session

Soulfeed – Kind Of Yellow EP (MBF Ltd 12054)


Reading their profile on Soundcloud or Beatport, they call themselves the definition of deepness. Great statement that is. But after listening to some of their previous work or the recent mix they released we can only approve. They are trully grandmasters of deep house.

During the years Soulfeed has released several deep and groovy house and techno music. They know exactly which effects and sounds to use while constructing their deep groove, and organic melodies inspiring the flow of the duo’s energy.

Kind of Yellow

Soulfeed, a duo (Elad & Oren) coming from the south of Israel, have produced an EP with two deep hypnotic trax with vivid quality and deep melodic vibes. “Kind Of Mellow” bathes in pulsation string sounds and layers of warm synths. When listening a groovy beat overwhelmes and creates a comforting and cozy zone.

“Glow” is more exotic and stronger on the vocal side with played instruments that express a mellow felling in perfection. The track connects nicely with “Kind Of Mellow” showing little changes in the arrangements and continues with the same flow but using a different tone in vocals and strings.

Both tracks can’t be left out in any deep house set. Or just dim the lights, drop your self in a lounge chair and put on repeat.

“Kind of Yellow” will be released by My Best Friend (MBF) on March 31.

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