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Steyoyoke Black Reconstrured

Steyoyoke Black Reconstructed by Aaryon & David Granha

Steyoyoke, the Berlin based label, strikes with a dark revisited masterpiece. The label has a regular returning podcast called ‘Steyoyoke Black’ which is a series by the name of the imprint self-titled sub-label. These podcasts series is one you can’t miss and have to disperse among music lovers. You’ll hear their so called sublime ethereal techno on all editions.

The masterpiece they’ve dropped is one on the ‘Steyoyoke Black Reconstructed’ Series. This series is, according the label, designed to enable artists to delve into past Steyoyoke Black releases and rework them with their own personal touch. The recent release is reconstructed by 2 of the labels finest producers in our humble opinion.

Only recently we had a very nice interview with Davidg Granha in which he talks about hard work in the music industry, being heard and respected. Now he is back, together with his Steyoyoke companion Aaryon to unite their skills and talents to deliver their own versions of two great Steyoyoke tracks: Pete Oak’s ‘Tranquila’ & Skena’s ‘Waiting in the Wings’. Needless to say both tracks are a gentle torment for your ears. Play it loud to feel the deep bassline on both tracks.

‘Tranquila’ sure is our favorite with the constant flux of rhythmic angst of darkness and ferocity. The haunting feeling it creates combined with the subtle distorted synth lines is dark magic. This is the sound we love so much. Skena’s ‘Waiting in the wings’ get’s a kick and a punchy vibe. The repetitive percussive rhythms make this one a shaker. In order to dance!

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