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Alex Lentini

STOMP BOXX & Alex Lentini’s Childhood Memories

Enthusiast since a child for electronic music, he makes a full immersion behind the software to be able to realize his projects. In 2013 he decide to sue his study pressure SAE, in Milan. Among the numerous releases, the most important are on record labels like Terminal M, Elevate, OFF Recordings, Unrilis, Sk recordings.

Continuing to work hard, in December 2020 he has the opportunity to release his first work in collaboration with STOMP BOXX on the legendary label Drumcode from Adam Beyer and continuing 2021 with two more EPs “FINE LINE” and “SPLIT THE NOISE“.

His sound is easily recognizable because is composed of solid bassline and deep melodies, expressed as well in his DJ set. Alex Lentini slowly gained a solid reputation in his native Italy and beyond as a producer, he had the opportunity to express himself in important Apulian clubs such as Cromie Disco, Cave Gallipoli opening important events with the likes of Carl Cox, Joseph Capriati and Ellen Allien.

Connect with STOMP BOXX on Facebook | Instagram | Instagram | Soundcloud
Connect with Alex Lentini on Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

What type of music did you enjoy in your younger days?  And when compared to today, how has your taste in music changed?

STOMP BOXX: In my pre-teen years I was a total metalhead to the point that everybody called me “Slip” as I was very into Slipknot. I still enjoy metal but now my taste in music is much wider and I’d say quieter. Mostly I love Indie and Rock and I’m very passionate about niche artists. In ‘99 I discovered the Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and Mr Oizo that initiated my love for techno and electronic music.

How did the music from your childhood period influence the music you produce today? Why or how?

STOMP BOXX: I still feel the influence from metal in my productions, and also in the process of actually creating a sound or a noise with the synths, giving an aggressive and acid side to the sounds. 

Were your parents’ musicians or did they have an affinity with music?

Alex Lentini: I remember my father playing the piano often, during his youth he was a speaker and DJ on the local radio station. So, I had a role model who I was close to, who was also very involved in the world of music, which was especially significant for me. 

Who has been the biggest influence in your life? And music-wise?

Alex Lentini: Of course, I have always had a strong admiration for established DJs like Adam Beyer and Richie Hawtin, as they bought so much to the scene we have today. Really, my biggest musical influence came from Enrico Sangiuliano, a fellow Italian producer who I believe is so passionate about the actual music over any other aspect still.

What did the stereo setup look like at home or in your room?

Alex Lentini: Not having a lot of space available and not being able to provide the best environment possible. I had to buy excellent monitors and a high-quality audio interface in order to make the most of the possibilities. In a lot of ways, I’m used to improving the conditions of the space I play in, which has actually have made me more adaptive.

Tell us about a special moment during your childhood that gave you a wow moment. Which track(s) was/were playing?

Alex Lentini: I remember very well when I had the chance to play in front of Joseph Capriati and Carl Cox for the “IL GRIDO” festival in 2016. The most striking moment that still resonates with me today was when among the last records I decided to play Trentemoller – ‘Moan’ (Trentemoller remix). There was a unique emotion that came along with that. 

What’s the favourite record your mom or dad played during your childhood?

Alex Lentini: There would be many based on the 80s. What I remember most is “Earth, Wind & Fire” by “September”

Do you have one track that really takes you back to a certain time or moment from your childhood?

STOMP BOXX: Music was a very important part of the day for my family as we used to listen to tons of vinyl, my father would always bring the latest CDs so the list of tracks would be very long! But to name one I’d say it’s Killing in The Name by Rage Against The Machine because it reminds me of the time I came back home from school to find that my dad had hidden a CD of Rage Against The Machine under the dinner plate. 

Tape, vinyl or digital?

STOMP BOOX: I think the previous answer shows my love for vinyl because of the quality of the sound that it produces. I would maybe even call myself a vinyl fanatic as I have always searched for limited editions and searched for stores in every place I travel. My first experiences being a DJ were also when I was playing with vinyl, and this is how I learned to mix music properly. Even to this day, when I buy music, I will most likely buy a vinyl first over anything else.

Create a playlist with 1 to 5 tracks that have defined your childhood.

STOMP BOXX: The playlist that defines my childhood the best would be a mix of genres like metal, rock and electronic. 

1- Rage Against The Machine “bombtrack”

2- Daft Punk “Rock’n roll”

3- JusTice “Water Of Nazareth”

4- Slipknot “Spit it Out”

5- The Chemical Brothers “Electronic Battle Weapon 7”

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