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Super Flu return with an impressive remix for Australian artist Aeyem

Multi-instrumentalist producer Aeyem teams up with singer-songwriter Lakyn to make his debut on Flow Music this spring with a new single: Reach The Water. It acts as Aeyem’s first-ever solo release and includes a remix by international heavyweights Super Flu, marking a career milestone for the freshly emerging talent.

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The original begins as a progressively charged piece of melodic house with soothing pads alongside delicate kick-hat combos. There’s a melancholic edge to the piece courtesy of Lakyn’s achingly-beautiful vocal tones, whilst symphonic chords undulate throughout, forming a track that feels ripe for sunset and sunrise alike.

Super Flu’s remix comes next, upping the tempo via whirring synths and a thickened lead bassline. Subtle percussion shimmers in and out, as hard-hitting drum patterns create a late-night, club-ready cut that lends itself perfectly to the upcoming festival season. Known for their quirky melodies and epic atmosphere underpinned by vibrant percussion, their remix on this release is another fine example of their distinctive style.

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