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Dreams On Board

Surrounding label maintains a refined curation combining music and the aesthetic

Founded in 2014 and bringing fresh gems to the electronic scene, Surrounding Label holds high-quality art, music, and emotional content. Starting with the curation that has been bringing names that should be remembered in the minds of listeners, the label has been releasing artists that display an impressive technical sensitivity. Names like Christopher Scullion, Entú, Iridescent, Valesuchi, besides the works of the label’s founder, Diego Seymour a.k.a Dreams on Board, come together to raise the bar of what a record label should be. 

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Dreams on Board, the head label, carries the essence of the label in its new single “Ambient On”.

The most recent release from Dreams on Board is the single titled “Ambient On”. A colourful and fluid track that seems to have been designed for us to relax in the light of the chaotic landscapes of big cities. Among strings and sharp notes, the producer allows us to see beauty from a musical angle. Sometimes noisy and busy places are not bad, they just need a proper soundtrack and it’s this wise perspective that Diego brings us with his curation and his newest release, learning to appreciate the here and now with art that comes from the heart. 

Article by Mia Lunis

It matters little whether you are an artist or a visitor, the love for music is the unifying factor.

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