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Gullen - Ursa

Sweet funky vibes on Gullen’s URSA.

About a year and half ago I encountered Gullen, a young Spanish producer, on Soundcloud. We got in touch and he agreed to do a very nice guest mix for us. You can find it here. A little less than one hour of warm grooves with a deep touch and great vibe.

But Gonzalo, as he is called, has not been sitting still ever since. With releases on Manual Music, Proton & Petra Digital he is doing well. He got picked up by the colleagues of 8Day Montreal and Electronic Groove for a guest mix which is quite nice.


Gullen drops his brilliant EP on the Spanish/Turkish label Petra Digital. The release will be in a shape of two original tracks and a remix. His style and sound on this EP is very distinctive. Something that feels like a funky slab bass and a brooding bass line that form the red line on the two originals. It sounds a bit dub-ish but on the other hand it’s to funky to be called dub. Both are fantastic tracks with a damn nice atmosphere.

‘Ursa’ slowly builds up to a euphoric climax. ‘Folie’ is an amazing multi-layered track with a funky groove. As mention before, with a very distinctive sound.

To our great surprise, Gullen managed to get the Cologne-based Marvin Horsch to do a remix. And what a remix this is. Marvin will pull you into his spaceship and drags you al the way to outer space with this sublime cut up piece. He totally breaks up the original and created a new piece of material. The only reference is the slab bass sound you also hear on ‘Ursa’. No need to take drugs, this will remix will take you to a higher state of mind for sure!

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