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Taube brings pure deep house magic.

As 2017 is slowly coming to an end we still have some pretty nice grooves lined up for you. Next up in our guest mix series is the Rotterdam-based duo Taube. Two young engaging talents that dropped us a super deep house mix. Tune-in and enjoy.

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01. Ashka – Modern Mess (Lowless)
02. Frankey & Sandrino – Solaris (Sum Over Histories)
03. Hacker & Miethig – Nantahala (Crossfrontier Audio)
04. Jobe – Anomaly (Chapter 24 Records)
05. Jonas Rathsman – Skymning (ELEMENTS)
06. Yello – Limbo (Mano Le Tough Limbo On Down Baby Yeah Remix) (Polydor)
07. Fractal Architect & Dan Baber – Frontiersville (Exotic Refreshment LTD)
08. WhoMadeWho – Dynasty (Denis Horvat Remix) (Embassy Of Music)
09. Astrea – Trascendi (Original MIx) (ATLANT Recordings)

Where are you from and what do you find inspirational about where you’re living?
We are two friends living in Rotterdam, Netherlands. When it comes to electronic music, Rotterdam has always been somewhat of an underdog in the electronic music scene in the Netherlands, next to Amsterdam. However, there has been a big surge in both music supply and demand due to increased tourism and development, turning Rotterdam into a great culinary melting pot of different music styles and niches.

Can you tell us a bit about your music background and how both got connected and started playing music?
We both love music deeply and you will always find us near the speakers. We both started playing with midi controllers a little over three years ago. This quickly turned into a mission; to perform at an existing venue and play for a live audience. After our first gig in 2015, we wanted to turn our style of music into a more tangible name, so we started organising our first venue called SmeltSessies (Melting Sessions). What started out as a night out for close friends, quickly turned into quarterly commercial venues that have allowed us to join the Rotterdam music scene, by providing a new and exciting platform for local talents to showcase their work.

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?
We’re both very interested in deep electronic music. Some of these influences range from parties and venues we go to ourselves, influences from our recurring trips to major music cities such as Berlin, and we love to incorporate some African influences in our music as well.

As a duo, how do you maintain a healthy working relationship in a crazy space like dance music?
Between promoting our online name Taube, visiting local venues and scouting new locations and talent in Rotterdam for new SmeltSessies, we’re both very busy with our own private working lives. Sometimes this can be a little taxing, but it’s good that we can always support each other when the going gets tough. What’s important is to keep up your communication. As long as we both know what the other is doing, and have faith in each other’s work, everything is possible. We are both really enjoying our upcoming exposure and can’t wait to show more!

What can we expect from the mix you made?
Expect some rhythmic deep house vibes, with some trippy sounds. Hope you enjoy the listen as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
We hope to take our venues to the next level by becoming a renowned brand name in Rotterdam. What we find important is to get people connected through music. We want to create an accessible and open place for like-minded people to have fun and be amazed by new music. We have also started working on our own productions so that we can extend our Smelt name to release our own records in the future.

We would like to compare ourselves to a microbrewery, supplying a new, exclusive taste to a very big market, hoping to grow our fanbase through quality, detailed work and a little bit of funkiness.

If TAUBE were to be an alcoholic beverage what kind would you be?
Taube would definitely be a good beer. We are still very much in the beginning stage of our music development, so we would like to compare ourselves to a microbrewery, supplying a new, exclusive taste to a very big market, hoping to grow our fanbase through quality, detailed work and a little bit of funkiness.

It matters little whether you are an artist or a visitor, the love for music is the unifying factor.

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